Pampering Time with OLAY

Taking care of my skin has taken the back seat for years. Now that I realized that it is important to take care of my skin, I am very careful with the skincare products that I use. I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about Olay that is why I’m happy when I received these gifts from Olay and BDJ Box.

Olay package

Olay Deep Moisture Honey Body Wash and Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Day Cream with SPF 15

I prefer investing on skin-care products than cosmetics. Olay has established its quality in the skin care industry for quite sometime already. Hence, I was so excited to try the loots that was sent to me!


Olay Body Wash

I think I have a new favorite body wash! I’ve been using it for two weeks now and I love it!

The consistency of this body wash is just perfect!

Olay Body Wash

The scent is gentle, relaxing and has a calming effect. What I like about Olay Deep Moisture Body Wash is that a reasonable amount goes a long way! Yes, I just put it lathers well, it thoroughly cleanses without stripping the natural oil off my skin. The body wash easily goes off with all the dirt upon rinsing leaving my skin soft, moisturized, clean, fresh and fragrant! I love it!


Olay Moisturizer

When I received this product, I thought this is just a normal moisturizer. When I researched because of the 7 in 1 day cream, I got informed that this is not an ordinary moisturizer. Rather, it firms the skin, evens skin tone, moisturizes, reduces pores, smoothens skin, reduces appearance of spots, and reduces appearance of lines and wrinkles. WOW!

Olay Total Effects easily glides to my skin as I apply it. I like that it feels light on the skin. Unlike other moisturizers, Olay Total Effects has SPF 15 to protect our skin from the harmful rays from the sun. Hence, it is like a moisturizer and a sunscreen in one!

From now on, Olay Deep Moisture Honey Body Wash and Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Day Cream are staple products in my skincare regimen.

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Cheerful Journey

Hello guys! My new blog, is now up! I’ll be blogging in that site from now on. I hope that you’ll come and visit me there! We will definitely have an exciting and cheerful journey ahead!


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Countdown to a Cheerful Journey Begins!

This is it guys!!! The countdown to my new blog begins! My new blog will be named cheerful! If you will check the blog right now, you’ll see this in your screen:


Yes, “coming soon” because the blog will be up on March 1, 2015! Few more days to go and I’m so excited! 🙂 I hope that you’re excited as well as I embark in this new chapter of my blogging life. 🙂 In the mean time, please like the FB Page of Cheerful Journey ( or click the photo below for more updates.


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To My Dear Readers


I have a secret to share with you… It is supposed to be a secret but I’m so excited about it that I could not keep it a secret! (Ano daw?) Maybe you noticed my lack of blog updates. It is because I was very careful not to spill the beans! …But… what can I do? I could not wait to share it with you… Yes! I want to share the good news with you! Friends, Romans, Countrymen, (Ahem!) my Dear Readers, I’ll be re-launching my blog. Yes! My BLOG is getting a MAKEOVER! Yahoo!!!

I started this blog last 2011 as a virtual notebook for my poems. I could say that my blog started from scratch. I used a free wordpress domain with the twenty-ten theme. Since I am not that techie enough, it took me months of blogging before I discovered that I could actually upload photos to my blog posts. (Boooo!) Who would have known that this virtual notebook of my “Sentiments from the Heart” will eventually blossom into a “Cheerful Journey”. It is all because of God’s grace and because of you, my dear readers who have been with me. You’ve tolerated my “kababawan” moments, encouraged me whenever I’m down, and rejoiced with me even at my simplest achievements. You’ve eventually become my virtual family.

When I started this blog, never in my wildest dream did I think that people will read it on a regular basis but God is full of surprises. When I reached more than a million hits, I am baffled, grateful and speechless… I know that there are bloggers who have millions upon millions of hits and that this little milestone is not a big deal. But, it is already an achievement for a simple and normal person like me! I could not thank you enough for spending your precious time with me here in our virtual home. I am always happy whenever I receive messages/emails from you. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

As my little way of showing my gratitude, I want to make our virtual home more beautiful and conducive. I am grateful that God blessed me with a wonderful team – my dream team!

Martine De Luna patiently guides me as I embark in this new phase of my blog. Marge Aberasturi is helping me with the domain and web-hosting. Rhiza Oyos  is squeezing her creativity to put my dream design into reality. Sheila Catilo is helping me with the photos. I could not be grateful enough for this team! I remember the time when Marge was discussing the bandwidth, cPanel, and Disk Space with me, I was at a lost and I honestly told her that she was speaking Greek to a Filipino. I’m glad that she was so patient to use the simplest layman’s term to me so I could somehow understand the techie stuff that they are doing.

So if ever you will experience some tweaks as you visit this blog, I hope that you’ll understand that it only means “blog under construction”. 🙂 I hope that you will continue to support me as I embark in our new virtual home. I promise that better and happier things shall come as we embark to our cheerful journey really soon!

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Blo Blow Dry Bar

I am blessed with a straight hair. Though I am thankful that I have straight and healthy hair, it also gives me problems whenever I style it. One hour of curling with a curling iron would give me 30 minutes of curly hair and then back to its normal straight stature. Whenever I would attend events, I would just tie it in a bun or just let it flow on its natural straightness unless I have the time to drop by a salon.

I’m glad that Blo Blow Dry Bar is already in Mall of Asia! Hurray for the Southern folks like me! We don’t have to go all the way to Rockwell, Serendra, or Megamall just to have a va-va-voom hair!

Upon entering the salon, I was greeted by the portraits of my long lost sister – Audrey Hepburn. At least pareho kaming “Audrey” 🙂 hahaha!

fifthsecondI could not help but notice the top of the line products in front of the bright pink wall.

thirdfourthI was then lead to sit on the comfy chair and then they washed my hair… Haaaay… so relaxing!

firstThen they asked me to choose the hairstyle that I want from their hair menu:

blo menu

I told Charo, the hair attendant assigned to me, that I want a natural looking end curls with a classy appeal. She recommended a combination of Holly Woulds and Red Carpet. As soon as I gave her the go signal, she started working on my hair as I relax.

After around 30 minutes, I can already take a picture with my long lost sistah! O diba, pareho pa kaming naka-black! What a coincidence! hahaha!


I can’t resist taking a selfie in the car since I really like the natural-looking curls.


I’m happy that these curls lasted for hours… I also like that it’s natural-looking and not stiff and sticky with hairspray.

blo 2

Blo Blow Dry Bar – Mall of Asia

 SM Mall of Asia, Unit 2170 (Main Mall), Pasay City, Philippines

+63 917 6-blodry(256379)

Other Blo Blow Dry Bar Branches:

blo megamall

5th Floor Mega Fashion Hall
SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City
+0917 625 6379

Stall #019 P1 Level, Power Plant Mall,
Rockwell Center, Makati City
+63 917 6-blodry(256379)

blo serendra

2-C01A 2nd Floor Serendra,
Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
+63 917 6-blodry(256379)

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