Are Your Reading Comprehension Skills Making You Fat?

One thing that I love about my job is that there are times when we are busy while there are times when we just have to sit and read. Today is a “sit-and-read” day. After reading the newspapers, I browsed through yahoo news. I ended up reading this article from Reader’s Digest entitled “Are Your Reading Comprehension Skills Making You Fat?”.

Being a Reading Specialist myself, I couldn’t help but to smile and read the article.

Are Your Reading Comprehension Skills Making You Fat?


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4 Responses to Are Your Reading Comprehension Skills Making You Fat?

  1. Janee says:

    Hahaha! Thanks for sharing this, made me laugh a bit! It is true that most people are buying on these false ads “low fat”, “natural” fruit juice, “no sugar” sodas, “less salt” chips that are totally unhealthy junks. Well, for me it’s not about my reading skills that makes me fat, it is my lack of Stick-to-it-iveness 😛

  2. heidibmac says:

    i wasn’t able to get a glimpse of the article but just like you, just reading the title made me smile and think.
    is it reading comprehension that makes one fat? or is it one’s reading habit (like munching on something while reading, much like what couch potatoes do when watching tv!)?

    • Audrey says:

      It is actually based on the study published in the Journal of Consumer Research. According to that specific research, healthy-sounding labels are duping dieters. The gist of the article is dieters should use nutrition information and ingredient lists to make informed decisions, without relying on industry buzzwords and fancy packaging.

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