Date a Girl Who Teaches

This might sound self-serving or even redundant after I posted the entry Date a Girl Who Reads. Nonetheless, I would like to share this entry with you. Enjoy!



Date a girl who teaches children. Date a girl who enjoys more in a bookstore for school supplies and children’s books rather than in make-up store. She has problems with storage space because she has too many trinkets and storybooks to keep. Date a girl who has a list of stories that she wants to have and read, who has a collection of Aklat Adarna, Leo Lionni and Eric Carle’s books.


Find a girl who teaches. You’ll know that she does because she always carries supersized bags. She’s the one who has everything in her tote. From art-project glitter materials to wet wipes. She has to carry her laptop almost everyday and all those papers and booklets that only she can understand. She might forget to bring her lipstick, but she won’t forget to carry her water bottle and pencil case with colourful pens in it.


It is easy enough to date a girl who teaches. She won’t want expensive gifts; you can buy storybook for her birthday, flowers for Teacher’s day, craft punchers for Christmas. You can buy her anything but please spare her with coffee mugs; she has lots from her students.


A girl who teaches won’t require much of your time. She will hardly see you on weeknights because she prefers to finish her lesson plans and worksheets and catch up sleep. Unless she had a really bad and long day, she will randomly ask you to have dinner or coffee with her. But if you insist, she will try her best and make it to the last full show of Inception even on a freakin’ Wednesday night just to be with you. (Please cooperate and pretend with her that she enjoyed the movie by not asking details of the show anymore.)


Date a girl who teaches. She’s heaps of fun, up for anything, and generally the life of the party after her long workweek. You won’t remember that she works with small children until she starts sharing insignificant stories about children that you will never meet.


Don’t be scared if you accidentally fart in front of a girl who teaches. She has high tolerance on the yuckiest things on earth, be it snot, poop, pee or vomit. She won’t bother.


Experience dating a girl who teaches young children and you’ll be surprised of the life lessons you’ll learn from her. She will definitely touch your life.


Date a girl who teaches because you deserve it. She’s sweet, she’s witty, she’s creative (in ALL areas), and she’s thoughtful (you will never fail to receive a personalized greeting card in glitter for every occasion).


And if you’re looking for an excellent mother for your offspring, she’s the one. A girl who teaches knows exactly how to raise children and keep them from becoming bratty. She knows the perfect name to give to your child, and what name to avoid because its lenghty or trendy.


If you find a girl who teaches, keep her close. Her love is unconditional and she’s the most patient creature on earth. She’s a well-rounded lover and a guaranteed best friend for life.


Find a girl who teaches young children. Date her. Marry her. Make her happy.


Because no one ever is more passionate, than a girl who teaches.

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About Audrey

I am not a typical “girl-next-door”, But I am striving to be a woman of valor. I cannot turn the heads of many people, But I can touch their lives and still be humble. To please my Creator, that is my main goal, To let Him mold me, for me to fit in my role. My other wish is to have a pure soul, And to have a zealous heart like a burning coal. Strength and honor must be my clothing, Purity and honesty, for me is an important thing. To be a woman of principles, that’s what I’m preparing, To make God proud of me as I keep on dazzling. I may not be as perfect as what I want to be, A soldier in the battle that is what I can see. I’ll keep on fighting to solve life’s mystery, To win the battle is the best reward for me!
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  2. C says:

    It’s true. I’m with a girl who teaches preschool children and she sent me to this post. She’s very lovely and would no doubt make a good mother. Not all teachers are like that though. I have heard stories from her about other teachers not doing their work. And the drama that takes place in her child care centre. This post is romanticized, but I like it. Because everyone should learn to see the smallest of beautiful things and love them.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Christopher (@lyricaldreams on Instagram)

  3. Micah Rowe says:

    So true. Absolutely love this.

  4. sulani van wyk says:

    Love this! Just finishing my B.ed foundation phase degree and thats exactly how it is! I loved reading it xoxo

  5. Reblogged this on theblissfulmess and commented:
    This is so accurate.. I just can’t even.

  6. Kylie says:

    All true, but I will be so annoyed if I get story books and craft punches for presents from my partner. Just because I’m passionate about my job, doesn’t mean my life revolves around children and work.
    Buy something for ME.

  7. Winn says:

    The grammar is abysmal. How depressing that is was written, reposted, and now celebrated by teachers. The idea of someone who writes like this teaching the youth of America is terrifying.

  8. JKM says:

    This has to be one of the most sexists things I’ve ever read.

    • Anthony says:

      It’s only sexist if you make it sexiest… words are only words until you make them something else. Why is everyone so hateful these days? You’re entitled to your opinion but this article was clearly not created to offend. #trollsgonnatroll

  9. Sti Sithole says:

    Pretty much explains my girlfriend to the tee 😘😊

  10. Amélie says:

    Reblogged this on Rennes Gal Gabbin' and commented:
    I don’t teach young children, but I think many of these can describe a middle school or even high school teacher!

  11. Rob says:

    I was surprised this was written by a teacher. It was a cute post but you don’t put a comma before ‘and’? Some of the sentences didn’t make sense (“Date a girl who enjoys more ? in a bookstore”; “catch up sleep”) ! If you are going to blog then please proofread your work.

  12. Isaac Hanna says:

    Great post Audrey. Very true and very touching. God bless you 🙂

  13. tony says:

    I’ve always had a soft spot for teachers… and every word of it be true!!. . actually how did I end up here!!… I now miss my ex!!

  14. Cheyennes says:

    I love this! ❤️
    I just wish it wasn’t just for teaching young children. I’m going to school for adolescent education.

  15. dani says:

    aww i love this article, im a teacher, seems it can be related to me

  16. misstrainee says:

    Reblogged this on Miss Trainee and commented:
    I’ve seen this reposted a couple of times by lots of my teacher friends. It’s comforting to know there are so many positive stereotypes of teachers! I always thought to become a teacher you have to be a certain type of person. What that type is I don’t know, but this kind of gives a good picture!!

  17. Duane Buziak says:

    Simply sensational!

  18. Reblogged this on Ann Pauline Nievera and commented:
    True indeed!

  19. chloe says:

    SO true. Even shared this to my colleagues in school. It more fun to teach kids.:)

  20. Teacher M says:

    This is so accurate in so many levels. 🙂 I’m on my last year in college and I’m taking up elementary ed major in special ed 🙂 Too bad guys nowadays mostly prefer girls who are always out at night partying. But then again, it’s their loss. 😉

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  22. Twinkle says:

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    Beautiful twist …

  23. Rob says:

    So where do I find a teacher in yorkshire?? 😛
    Credit to you guys, if I couldn’t do what I do, I’d have definitely gone into teaching myself!

  24. Nicole says:

    This is SPOT ON! as a KGA I can totally relate and you’ve just highlighted the reasons why I think this Job fits my personality just right! thanks ^_^

  25. Kristine Bautista says:

    Hi, Ate Audrey! Kristine Bautista (PNU-DBS) here 🙂 Cool post!

  26. Larry Clements says:

    I did marry one. She’s the best!

  27. stephsyyy says:

    Reblogged this on Stephsyyy news and commented:
    This is so me, nearly down to a tee. If you know me, you know that I always have everything as my bag has absolutely everything in it, even a radiator bleeding key…

  28. This made me cry. My step mom sent it to me. Are you a teacher? I just lost my job. Iv been a prek-4 year olds teacher. This year I gotor the first time a 3year old class. Theyr tuff. And im not good at clas managemnt. My assistant was but was frusterated with me that im good with the teaching but not with keeping them in control. Her talkin to my boss about it is prob what got my fired in the end. Most of these things in your article are Me. And my bf was being very suportiv of this loss. I would love some class management and or career advice tho

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  30. Lorenzo Garcia says:

    Love yo ur post so much ..I would love to get to know you more if that’s ok with you

  31. xandria says:

    Such an amazing blog entry! the part about teacher’s bags having everything is hilarious cz damn my bag is filled with all those things too

  32. Fab post – had me chuckling away even as a secondary school teacher.

  33. I needed to thank you for this good read!! I absolutely loved
    every little bit of it. I’ve got you saved as a favorite to check out new stuff you

  34. ziggy9802 says:

    What’s DEVOLSON?

  35. Smile says:

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    Simple yet amazing…

  36. Kirbs says:

    I am a female teacher and I find this post insulting. It’s trivial, superficial, and makes a lot of assumptions. Change the title of this post to “Why Female Elementary Teachers Often Quit to Become Stay-at-Home-Mothers: Deprofessionalizing the Most Important Profession”

  37. Louie Antonette Lumactud says:

    I really like your post on Date a Girl Who Teaches. It’s very cute and a very good tool in uplifting spirits! 🙂

  38. Danielle says:

    This was pretty demeaning in my opinion. It’s a sweet sentiment but it feels ignorant and it’s got grammar errors all over the place. Why should a woman who wears no makeup be valued over the one who likes lipstick? (neither should be valued over the other, they simply are different). What about the woman behind the job? This is full of cliches that perpetuate the idea of a woman as a child-loving, subservient caregiver. I love to teach, but that doesn’t make me automatically patient or comfortable with disgusting bodily fluids. Teachers aren’t ‘creative in all areas’ – that’s why we specialize. I doubt my boyfriend would like me any extra because I have colorful pens in my giant bag that I’d end up making him carry… and that’s coming from an art teacher. I’m a teacher who puts on lipstick every day, wears high heels to work, doesn’t care for cheap craft items, and like to have my evenings to myself. I’m also a teacher who is creative, hard-working, and passionate. Beauty and smarts are not mutually exclusive and the idea that they are infuriates me to no end.

    I’m a college professor and I don’t understand why we have to put so much emphasis on being a pre-school/kid teacher – hell I don’t even remember pre-school. I’ve always loved school and my teachers. It is a noble profession – but so are so MANY other professions. What about me as a woman? A Christian? A human being? I hate the new wave of praise for meek, plain women who know nothing but the joy of pleasing a man and raising children. God called us to be fiercely passionate, beautiful, and equal as partners with our husbands. It is not that I don’t love to care for people, and to serve, but that subservience is not the only praise-worthy part of a woman’s character. Perpetuating this sort of ‘ideal’ woman over another is at best foolish and at worst damaging to a women’s sense of self. Every woman has value, any career choice can be filled with passion, and any woman can be beautiful if she cares for herself. Teacher’s are great, but get off your high horse – so are the women lawyers, doctors, secretaries, homemakers, politicians, accountants, etc etc etc.

  39. Elias nehme says:

    I like it , great article,keep writing but What about to date a male teacher? as Iam a teacher too!

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  41. what about date a guy that teaches preschool! 🙂

  42. Cathryn says:

    I thought the post was lovely, maybe not entirely correct for every female teacher though and I did think the present idea was a bit silly.At the end of the day, teachers male or female have a difficult job and they put in so many unpaid hours as well as paid ones. It is a vocation and only certain people make great teachers. It’s a bit like working in healthcare, not everyone who works there should be there but there certainly are people who are only there only to get paid. I say go teachers, you a doing a great job and the fact that some people are only there to criticize just goes to show how small minded they are.

  43. Amanda says:

    I just came across this post and I cannot even measure how offensive it is. This supposes that somehow a compassion necessary to teach pre-school (I would NEVER) equates to some paste-sniffing, Miss Lippy-castoff, who would just be so happy to have any date that she would expect and accept cheap gifts, low expectations, and the responsibility of dealing with offensive bodily functions.

    I teach high school and I am well aware that my day to day is different than that of a pre-k teacher, but this sweeping generalization of teachers as easy to please, care-free, seemingly mentally stunted humans is horrible. LIke, who in the hell WANTS to spend every night working when they could be spending time with their partner? Who wants cheap shit for presents because that is what her students give her?

    If this was supposed to be funny, I missed the point.

    I have spent a nearly two-decade career teaching high school social studies, all the while trying to get it across to people that teachers should be treated with the same respect our society reserves for professionals from all other walks of life, not like silly little idiots. Many of us are hard working professionals, often with advanced degrees and sharp minds. I would not be caught dead with a freaking tote bag in public, and you can bet that my boyfriend getting me school supplies for a personal gift would get him a swift invite to hit the bricks – I don’t even care about presents, but that would really incense me. Take me to dinner, to a show, act like you are dating a fully developed adult.

    Posts like this perpetuate the problems in American education of expecting teachers to work endlessly for shit wages because they “like it”.

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  46. Rege says:

    I love the article! They say that when you’re a teacher, you are boring 😦 but this article proved them wrong 🙂 love it so much! Now, I’m more inspired

  47. MdmAlia says:

    I just love this article. I am a happy and passionate pre-school teacher and I couldn’t help but giggle and at times laugh out loud at some of the passages in this article. I am guilty of some of the statements in this article (big bags…stationary shops enthusiast…glitter galore hoarder) Thank u for posting it.
    To the nay-sayers.. always be positive. There is no point of spreading negative comments without putting yourself in the shoes of others. Opinions are your rights but why must it need to be negative? Be happy and spread joy out there. In this day and age, we sure need it.

  48. Amelia says:

    I teach high school, so I find it hard to relate especially to:

    “Don’t be scared if you accidentally fart in front of a girl who teaches. She has high tolerance on the yuckiest things on earth, be it snot, poop, pee or vomit. She won’t bother.”

    Just saying. Plus, I don’t like office supplies for my birthday or holidays. I love my work and it’s my livelihood, but it’s not my entire life – it wouldn’t be healthy.

  49. I am pretty offended by this.
    Let me start off by saying I’m a teacher, too. I teach science in middle school. According to you, I’m not worthy of being dated because I don’t have baby books in my tote bags – and I don’t have it “hard” because I’m not teaching wee tikes foundational life skills. You’re right, I’m not – I’m trying to teach a difficult to comprehend subject to kids who are old enough to be 100% over school, who are also old enough to have jobs and get pregnant and be in gangs and on drugs while still having problems with their home lives – oh yeah, and I get 150 of them every year, not 15. Last year, a student at my school tried to commit suicide in the girls’ bathroom. The year before, three boys were suspended for threatening to bring guns to school. But teaching is a magical world filled with Eric Carle and glitter, am I right?

    Oh yeah, and I still get to deal with poop and vomit – with a side order of gang fights, drugs and pregnancy. Super fun!

    I also work at a low income school – my students can’t afford to pay for their own lunches, let alone buy me coffee mugs. I actually love mugs as gifts.

    I would also be not okay whatsoever with someone who was supposed to be my significant other getting me a circle cutter or a kids’ storybook for my birthday, and if this is something that was circulating (as it inevitably is), my SO would read this and think that such gifts were preferred by teachers, as opposed to a gift I could really use and appreciate – like a massage, or comfortable shoes, or a voucher for something I, as a teacher, don’t have time to do, like detailing my car. Or, even better, a gift that shows that I am appreciated and valued as an individual person, since I am rarely shown appreciation in or out of the classroom, instead of a gift that pigeonholes me as a teacher and nothing more.

    “Because she prefers to finsh her lesson plans-” HAHAHA right. I would LOVE to have evenings to myself to relax, instead of spending every waking hour working on school stuff. I don’t prefer to spend my free time grading papers or writing lesson plans, but I do it anyway because its necessary. You know what would be nice? For a significant other to go ahead, bring that coffee over, and cuddle up with me while i grade. The fact that I’m busy doesn’t give a partner a free pass to ignore me. Oh, and I’m too busy to make handmade glittery greeting cards for every holiday. Remember when I said I had 150 students? Yeah.

    Also, I understand that kids pass gas. Adults should know better and farting in front of another adult is rude.

    “Date a girl who teaches because you deserve it.” Really? So this is all about what the man deserves, and not about what teachers, who work so hard and so selflessly and who are so unappreciated, deserve? Wow. Just wow.

  50. Aaron Yanagi says:

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Date a guy who teaches…

    Date a guy who molds and shapes young lives, who instills values and forms character. Date a guy, who thinks about others before himself; who isn’t afraid of hard work and is willing to go the extra mile. Find a guy who sees the big picture and isn’t consumed with small matters much because he has a grasp on what’s really important. [Disclaimer: working hard means playing hard!]

    Date a guy who’s mature (relatively) and wants to make a difference in the world. Find a guy who is committed to lifelong learning, intelligent and a good listener. A guy who teaches, brings understanding and insight to conversations, but who also knows when to close his mouth and receive.

    It is easy enough to date a guy who teaches. He won’t be too egotistical, but will have a good dose of self-confidence. He is concerned what other people think, but he’s strong enough to not be shaped by other’s whims. He understands change is willing to roll with the punches when plan A doesn’t work out.

    A guy who teaches can’t sleep in even when he wants to and can spend hours in the bookstore or Office Max. He’s the guy that prefers the history channel and national geographic over today’s so-called reality TV. It will be easy to spot a guy who teaches; his classroom will be organized and his car will be a mess, but he’s passionate about what he does.

    It’s sure an experience dating a guy who teaches, he is goofy and light-hearted one minute and intriguing and reflective the next. But he keeps calm under pressure, always has a witty comeback and makes you feel good about yourself.

    And if you’re looking for an excellent father for your children, he’s the one. A guy who teaches knows exactly how to raise children with the attention and direction they need to succeed. He loves easily and forgives quickly, he understands quirks (believe me he has plenty of his own) and appreciates uniqueness.

    In my opinion you can’t do any better than a guy who teaches. He’s looking for a partner and a friend; he can live life on his own, but knows he has much more to give. If you find a guy who teaches, date him, keep him, love him; he is loyal, competent and trustworthy and will love you respectfully and extravagantly.

  51. Susan says:

    I’ve heard from many people who work in education that teachers’ kids are the brattiest kids out there. Cause the parents just don’t have any patience left after working with annoying kids for the whole day

  52. jularlmin says:

    I’m sorry but, just because a teacher has a high tolerance for child farting, poo, pee, etc, doesn’t mean it won’t bother them when it comes from adults. If anything, farting around a teacher will vividly remind them of their students, and their opinion of you will be dramatically lowered. I would not recommend it.

  53. Krym says:

    Audrey, be proud and happy even for the tongue lashing and bashing… It meant that many people actually read and were affected by your post. Two thumbs up for being professional in dealing with the most annoying comments. Stay positive and grounded! 😀

  54. Jeremiah says:

    I read this and then took the time to read the posts from others. I totally disagree with those that said you make teachers sound like boring yayas. Actually as this post is about reasons why a man should date a teacher I found it rather on point. As what do men want? Well actually most want a princess in public and … well something far from it in the privacy of their own home. Seeing as teachers are very “creative in all areas” as you put it, and as we know love all children, it would only seem logical to conclude they can give a man what he really wants. Furthermore, many teachers are full of spirit when it comes to cheering for their favorite teams. Again something many men wish their wives and/or spouses would be. You stated a girl who teaches is adventurous, this is yet another thing many men want. I believe you said a girl who teaches is often very busy during the week. This would give a man time to himself, yet again another plus for many men. Truth is while we love women, many men enjoy having their own time….to be a guy! So, it would seem that a girl who teaches could just be the answer to a man’s happiness. Maybe women who teach can save the world….one guy and one relationship at a time!

  55. Jenna says:

    I love this post. I teach high school and I can completely relate 🙂 Have you seen this post in response to yours? It’s cute!

  56. Ginger says:

    Justin, every occupation you mentioned as being harder than a teacher is only possible because of teachers. Where does a doctor learn about the human body and how to relate to others…a teacher. Where does a coal miner learn what coal is and why it is important…from a teacher. Before you belittle us teachers (yes, I am one and I teach Special Needs kids to boot…which I am sure you think is a huge waste of time, but I find highly rewarding) think about where this world would be without us.

  57. Debbie Smith says:

    Oh My,
    Isn’t this Country getting a bit out of hand when people take a BEAUTIFUL piece of writing and turn it into arguments about who works the hardest. WE ALL are IMPORTANT, people! Teaching, I’m sure, is an extremely difficult profession. I give a lot of credit to ALL teachers of children of ALL AGES! God bless you ALL.
    P.S. I read this on a friend’s facebook page (THANK YOU DARCY) and I, For one, Would LOVE to have had Darcy be my son’s teacher. Audrey I’m sorry you had to endure such statements that took something beautiful and made them ugly. So, thank you Audrey for sharing and making some wonderful teachers smile.

  58. Ms. Jackson says:

    Oops, the original author forgot to proofread. I guess she didn’t go through all the steps in the writing process.

    Also, how insipid is this? Teachers are so much more than cute.

  59. Marc says:

    as a divorced high school English teacher, where is it that I find this amazing woman you describe in your post? 🙂

  60. Jeremy says:

    I couldn’t make it all the way down the comment thread because I didn’t have enough time to read that far. I liked the post. I stumbled across it while scanning Facebook. I too happen to be a teacher of sorts. I’m not a teacher that can relate to y’all. I teach United States Marines and Sailors how to survive in chemically and bologically hazardous environment. I think I want to be a teacher of either history or English. That is, if I don’t make being a Marine my profession for the next 20-30 years! It was interesting seeing all the different viewpoints of all of these teachers. I still remember my kindergarten teacher. She was awesome!

  61. looloo says:

    So, in a nutshell, date a pre-school teacher if you want a submissive little princess who will let you do exactly what you want and do anything for you with a big pretty smile in her face, with no interests or opinions of her own. I hope the writer doesn’t honestly think those are her most/only attractive qualities?

    • looloo says:

      Oops I forgot, she’ll also love you unconditionally (unconditionally!!) while never asking for anything in return and will be excellent in bed. I know your post was only trying to be cute but these are some poisonous sexual stereotypes which I hope you’re not passing on to your children, they do a disservice to men AND women.

  62. Frank says:

    Where can i find a girlfriend who is a teacher? I coach u9 soccer because i love playing with them and teaching them

  63. Rosalie Wiebusch says:

    I have never responded with a comment before , but was so moved to ditto the thoughts and comments first expressed here. I have taught for over 30 years and am retired and still love my time in schools volunteering or substituting. My heart still breaks for so many children today and my hats off to those many teachers who make a difference and love doing it!!! That is not to put down any other professions as some bloggers seemed to try to do, but teachers are and can be so positive and helpful in shaping children…because so many sincerely want to do so.

  64. Truth seeker and defender... says:

    “I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist and that there are as few as there are any other great artists. Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit.”

    John Steinbeck

  65. nschmidt128 says:

    Reblogged this on Live the life you love and commented:
    trueeee story lol i love this ❤

  66. Eden says:

    That was super cute. I am going for teaching & guilty of lots of these already with just teaching the prek class at church.

  67. Amy says:

    I absolutely loved this post, I am an infant toddler teacher and this fits me so well! Thank you for brightening my day! And ignore all the negative comments people are posting about this because it is absolutely the truth about teachers (:

  68. amykivv says:

    Reblogged this on the littlest lilac and commented:
    So true. Story of my life!

  69. Danae says:

    I would like to say I think this is a little one sided and kind of ignorant. Lots of girls wear makeup, despite their profession, and I don’t think you should hate on someone just because they enjoy practicing art on their own body. Coming from someone who taught preschool for five years, Student teaching grades k-8, working on a BA in Computer Science, an avid reader, and owns and operates their own business, makeup is something I can do in my VERY spare time when I’m getting ready for the day to make me feel like myself. Also, I think your poem is cute, but that doesn’t make everyone who teaches a saint and an amazing person, either.

    I mean, haven’t you had a devil teacher before? We’ve all been victim of that one.

  70. Tomasina says:

    This was very sweet and well-written. But I don’t understand why you chose this subject. Teachers are the number one career men who want a serious relationship, especially those who want children, say they see their dream wife having. Followed by nurses. The kind of men who date women who only care about their looks with brains full of bubblegum aren’t the kind of men you want interested in you in the first place. I think careerwise women jobs that have tougher schedulers and are more of a challenge to a man’s ego, like lawyers or engineers, are the ones that have a hard time finding a man willing to take a second look.

  71. kenny says:

    it takes a special person to do what you do…smile and keep doing what you do…you are an inspiration to some

  72. Tim says:

    Sounds good. Anyone know where I could find a good one? Tired of the “take, take, take” girls and would like someone willing to give back a little…;)

  73. A teacher and makeup artist. says:

    What a crock of poop this is – Do people really think this way? This post is vile.

  74. easy says:

    Date a girl who teacher and be prepared to be controlled. No thank you, been there done that.

  75. agirlwhodoesntteach says:

    I am very put off by this article. What about all the other working women out there?! We can’t be any of these things because we don’t teach? Come on. I can’t be creative, on ALL levels because I don’t teach?!? Or appreciate the small things? I don’t teach and my laptop is with me just about all times. My work I’d with me at night times as well.
    Write something that speaks to all women. Date a woman that WORKS.

    • Miquel says:

      Write your own blog, you don’t have to be so near sighted and narrow minded in your comprehension.

      Very nice blog post. I found a lot of qualities that remind me of my girlfriend (passing out at 7:30pm, telling her it is ok she didn’t finish the movie, big tote bags, wet wipes, and spontaneity on the weekends to name a few). There were also some that do not quite hit home, but it was still enjoyable to read.

  76. Jon Boyer says:

    I don’t think it matters if they are a teacher or not. Not all teachers are down to earth and that humble. I’ve known some that are not happy on small gifts from the heart and sporadic random thoughtfulness given to them when they least suspected it. It always had to be something expensive. Plus infidelity and flirting with anyone they could while in a relationship. No not all teachers are bad, there are of course good teachers. Instead date a girl who is down to earth and get to know them.

  77. mariflies says:

    Reblogged this on Mariflies's Blog and commented:
    I like this!! IT’s so true!

  78. MARY ANN SMEADER says:


  79. Kelly Damery says:

    What about men who teach?!?! My husband has taught 5th grade for 11 years and he is every bit of those things. And true be told sometimes my husband is the only male figure in those kids lives. Male teachers deserve the same!

  80. Tlharin S says:

    Date a WOMAN, not a GIRL. Please, please, please stop perpetuating the infantalization of WOMEN as “girls.” We are not (any longer).

  81. Haha so good to read this, made me giggle inside. I’m going to let my boyfriend read this for sure 🙂 Thanks for writing it! Lots of love from The Netherlands 🙂

  82. Bryan says:

    i want a date with a girl who teaches children. I love her, a cause this article.

  83. This is true thanks .people have forgoten that, teachers are the bedrock on which knowledge is packed . God bless teachers thank you sister

  84. Teresa Thompson says:

    My future daughter-in-law is about to graduate with an elementary ed degree. 🙂

  85. James says:

    And who said more guys should read this? Lol.
    What an inspiring read that was, for a long time when people ask me “what is your ideal partner you would like to settle down with?” My normal answers of “oh, you know, nice girl, caring, funny, intellectual and a lot more attributes which can seem fussy or asking too much” can now be summed up in one cute personality description!

    Thanks Audrey

  86. Maria Belen says:

    Me encanta, yo seré profesora y me sentí muy identificada 🙂 thanks for post.

  87. tatiechip says:

    I simply adore this! I am an extremely proud early childhood teacher (who is actually teaching grade 4 this year and trying to show 9 and 10 year olds how to learn and play without leaving their childhood behind).
    I just see myself in this so much and enjoy knowing that I have some really unique parts of my personality, most of which only teachers understand, that I am able to share with others.
    Thank you for putting my world into such beautiful words 🙂

  88. tatiechip says:

    Reblogged this on A girl, a bird and a VW and commented:
    A little bit of inspiration before I post the stories of boys who have tried to date such a girl….

    (Thanks to another one of those great girls, lucky enough to have been found by a great boy, who shared this with me)

  89. alma says:

    WOW! it´s so beautiful and real jaja =) it makes me laugh and cry.

  90. Maria Wilson says:

    If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

  91. Hi I really enjoyed this and so did my boyfriend. He is also a trainee teacher and would like to know if you have made a “Date a guy that teaches”. I also love that you wrote back to every comment 🙂

  92. Love this so much! I’m a teacher as well. I laughed because all I’ve asked for is storybooks for Christmas. 🙂

  93. Mr. A says:

    What about the guy who teaches? 🙂

  94. TimK says:

    Very good read coming from a guy that would like to be able to date a teacher that he knows more. Distance in the way currently but this write up describes her to a T. Well pretty close indeed. She’s pretty amazing like this blog says. Just my thoughts but it’s pretty true about teachers.

  95. i says:

    I work with makeup in the beauty industry … Which means I have zero knowledge in anything but nail polish… this must make me shallow and materialistic sniff sniff (this message was suppose to be read with sarcasm). My friend has dated a school teacher … who use to be a stripper when she was younger! Being a school teacher doesn’t guarantee anything. It’s a cute story but relies heavily on stereotypes!

  96. Kassie says:

    My first thought as I read this was like some other people who read this: This kind of makes pre-school teachers out to be clones of each other, and it seems full of cliches of how preschool teachers SHOULD be. But, I think that all of those things that make a preschool teacher good at what they do are the things you mentioned… they must have a love for these types of things!
    It is easy to think in a negative way when we can’t relate with the feelings portrayed, and when we don’t have the experience of being in a pre-K class room. For me, I am SUPER THANKFUL for others that love to work with children, because that means that I know my child is with someone who is dedicated to her. And while I enjoy being around kids, working all day with them is just something that doesn’t come natural or easy for me. So, that being said, thanks to all of those teachers who work with kiddos, and put their whole hearts into it – I appreciate you!

  97. murdock says:

    Audrey what about men that teach?? 😉

  98. Hayley says:

    From a 6th Grade teacher in the UK…this is all true. Haha!! 😀

  99. Kaitlyn Garner says:

    I am not a preschool teacher, but I just graduated high school where to took a class on learning how to be a preschool teacher. I actually made lesson plans for a whole week and the following week I got to execute them. It was a great experience for my senior year in HS. Now I’m going to college and though I have decided at the moment not to be a preschool teacher I have a idea of what it takes to be a teacher. I am currently working at a day care in a infant classroom with 8 babies who are under 1 year old, though it is not preschool we STILL have things that are required of us to teach these babies! Yes we actually take time and try to teach an infant how to hold their bottle or feed themselves. I think that no matter what age you teach it takes someone with a very special heart and a whole lot of patience to be able to be any kind of care giver.

  100. Jill says:

    Reading this made me smile. To the nay-sayers who find this a cookie cutter image of teachers: I agree, there are teachers out there who won’t fit the mold… but the best ones do.

  101. Reblogged this on andreawhelloworld1982 and commented:
    I love it! 🙂

  102. Mari says:

    I loved this post! I am a first grade teacher. While reading some of the post (this is my first time and I’m super late) I don’t think some people realize how time consuming teaching can be. It becomes a part of you (if you really love your job). I just had a conversation about this last night and then ended up reading this post today. Thank you for sharing this. I smiled the entire time.

  103. Gillian says:

    This made me laugh so much – I’m a teacher and so much of this describes me!

  104. Del says:

    This is fantastic. i am a male primary school teacher and can so recognise myself in lots of those things, you should do a male version too. This was my first visit to the blog, keep it up.

  105. Krystal says:

    As much as I understand the sentiment I have a few issues:

    1. You seem to be saying that women who do want to spend time at makeup stores are not worth dating. Which is a fair assumption to make because you juxtapose two seemingly binary modes of identity together.

    2. There seems to be a glaring lack of acknowledgment for those that do not teach young children. Where is the secondary school teacher love? Are they not just as capable of all the things you’ve listed?

    3. Not all young female teachers who teach young women want to or are capable of raising children. Just something to keep in mind as to try and avoid fitting people into gender roles and biological essentialism.

  106. Kyle says:

    My fiance is going to teach elementary kids and she posted this on my wall and she’s everything described except she doesn’t like being alone :P. This was a great read.

  107. Mr Sin E Call says:

    Presumably we are forgetting the fact she would NEVER have any free time, would be hugely stressed, has pretty much signed away any social life, has 30 children to put her off ever wanting any more and you never really know what time she is going to come home each night, just in case you were going to cook for her.. Hmm.
    “But at least she has 12 weeks off..?” -yes, if only the travel agents didn’t double the holiday prices during this time… Might almost be a benefit..
    Hehe I’m only playing. Nice article.

  108. Crystal says:

    Reblogged this on Crystal's little world and commented:

  109. sue Shaw says:

    A friend posed this on my FB wall commenting on how lucky my Husband is to be married to a Primary Teacher. As a late-comer to teaching (qualifying at the ripe old age of 43) i absolutely loved this post. Yes, i do have oversized bags, love nothing more than buying new books to share with my little one and whole-heartedly believe the world should be covered in more glitter! The resonating line was the “sharing random stories about children you will never meet’ – many of my little people have high level SEN as well as difficult home lives, so yes i share those proud, silly, yukky and downright hilarious moments with my family,and they love it! Please forgive my grammar, spelling and type-os as its a late night/early morning marking moment here in the UK!

  110. Candace says:

    I’ve gone from teaching kindergarten to fourth grade to first grade. I definitely have so much more on my plate teaching younger kids, even aside from common core. Younger kids don’t understand stop talking or sit down or raise your hand. Sometimes they cry all day and can’t tell you why and sometimes they tell you all the bad stuff going on at home that you’d rather not hear. But mostly they pick you flowers and tell you they love you because no one ever says it to them. It’s a tough job, it’s a rewarding job, and it’s a never ending job.

  111. Sands Dobson says:

    Date a girl who teaches, wow! They correct your Grammar, know more than you on every topic known to man, say goodbye to weeknights as their always too tired and demand so much more from you at weekends, they are too tired to do anything in the bedroom for at least 46 weeks out of 52 and have persistant colds or bugs of some kind or another. Date a girl who teaches and you become the mother! Your keft to do ironing, cleaning, cooking and bring up your children in every aspect from a human cash point to full time taxi driver………. But! Our children do have lovely names and have become beautiful little adults top of their classess, and when my ‘Girlfriend who teaches’ Now my Wife, holds my hand,gives me a kiss and says she loves me, I would do anything for her. Ps I’m a teacher too,

  112. mrgutkowski says:

    Can we have a ‘date a man who teaches’ one next! Be interesting to see!

  113. spencer says:

    “You won’t remember that she works with small children until she starts sharing insignificant stories about children that you will never meet. ”

    i date a girl who teaches 4k and went to school for that and this pretty much sums up every conversation we have lol.

  114. Ellie says:

    Hi everyone!
    This post is cute indeed and have some truthful points. But, me, as a teacher myself, don’t agree with a few things, just my opinion as someone said down there, right?
    In 8 years of teaching I have yet to hear my colleagues cheer with glee for getting storybooks or anything work related for bdays, Xmas, valentines day or any other special occasion.
    If you read this as a man, it will make you think that teachers workaholics, who want nothing but work work work! Sounds like teachers are to the point of not caring for themselves in any aspect, and I don’t think a man would like that. Or further more, no time for a life? Workout? Girls coffee after work? Family dinners? I would never say no to invitations of friends and family after work. My social life is also very important, life is too short!
    I do think there are truth in the article. A teacher who loves her/his job will be dedicated, in the workplace and in her personal life. I do believe we will try to be great moms based in the little things we have the chance to observe daily.
    The article is good, just some points i believe are not truthful to every teacher.
    Good luck and success.

  115. Bryan Barbon says:

    Congratulations Audrey! Idol! Love this article… Wala bang Date a “man” who teaches?? lol

  116. Jimbo F says:

    Date a teacher because they are the most self-serving people in the world (you posting this is an example). Date a teacher because they will “suffer” through the work week and complain all the time of how bad they have it (I can’t count how many facebook post I see on a daily basis). Date a teacher because they assume they are the only ones that work overtime. Date a teacher because even though they picked that career, they complain about it. Date a teacher because they get 3 months+ off work while the rest of the US gets 2 weeks. Date a teacher because their college degree is the easiest thing in the world to get (I was an education major in college before I wised up and I had harder classes with more homework in middle school). Date a teacher because our graduating high school class of 2011 had a 32 percent proficiency rate in math and a 31 percent proficiency rate in reading ( Date a teacher because they have the best job security due to the unions, meaning even the really bad ones cannot be fired (this sucks because we do need good teachers).

    I appreciate good teachers, just don’t go on and on about how much you work and how bad you have it. It makes you guys look desperate.

    • “Date a teacher because they assume they are the only ones that work overtime.” Unpaid overtime? Would you really consent to working 12 hour days 5 days a week without getting some additional compensation? Because I do that on the regular. Coaches will work 15 hour+ days if they have games at night instead of on the weekend. And oh, the weekend! We don’t get paid for Saturday school, or Saturday field trips, or Saturday sports games, or Saturday robotics competitions… or Saturday professional development. Teacher salaries are based on a 40 hr work week for 9 months of the year – that’s it.

      “Date a teacher because they get 3 months+ off work while the rest of the US gets 2 weeks” See what I said before? 9 month salary. So that 3+ months off work? Is unpaid. Most of us work summer school and/or find summer jobs to make ends meet – or spend our times going to unpaid training.

      “Date a teacher because their college degree is the easiest thing in the world to get” I have a degree in Natural Resources – Wildlife Management and worked for two years as a field biologist before changing careers to become a teacher. Wrong answer, try again.

      Also, bad teachers can be fired – they just can’t be fired on the spot. Unless they work for a charter school or in a “right to work” state like Texas or North Carolina. If they work in a state where they can’t actually be fired on the spot, the principal has to, you know, actually provide evidence that they’re a bad teacher – like those low proficiency scores you mentioned. And then they can fire them. Most principals are just too lazy to do the paperwork required to get rid of the “bad” teachers, so the “bad” teachers stay.

      As far as complaining about a career we chose… what, you’ve never had a bad day at work? Then again, your bad day probably didn’t consist of getting bitten or pooped on or having a chair thrown at you or stabbed, so does it really count as that bad of a day?

  117. This is great! I am a preschool teacher and studying to be an Elementary school teacher. Most of this is absolutely me!

    I just started my own blog, check it out

    xo Vero

  118. What a beautiful post! How true! My husband always sits with me when I get home (no matter what time) to talk about my day and how it went. 🙂

  119. Reblogging this at (If I can figure out how.)

  120. ekrumme says:

    Date a girl who teaches. Dont date a girl who reads. So many conflicting points of view.

  121. Ann says:

    I absolutely loved this post, and I’m so angry that people actually wanted to comment and say how easy we have it. I’d be willing to be that Joe, Joey whatever couldn’t last a few hours, let alone a full day in a preschool classroom. In my room we have state guidelines to follow, do a form of testing (readiness checks, handwriting without tears) and do so much more! I laughed the entire time reading this post, because it’s all so true! Always busy and wanting to sleep during the week, but can let loose on the weekends and enjoy life! Excellent post, I shared this because all my teacher friends will love to read it!

  122. Doni says:

    I can totally relate, especially on the aspect of being able to tolerate the yucky things … because once you deal with those things with kids, it doesn’t faze you much. Although teaching has a lot of challenges, it is also one of the most amazing rewards in the world.

  123. I absolutely loved this post — we are special, aren’t we?!

  124. anonymous says:

    Can guys be teachers?

  125. Rachel R says:

    Most of the teachers I know were sluts in highschool and still are. A lot of them are even single mothers. They’re the ones who want to “save” everybody and date “ex” criminals and “former” drug addicts. I put ex and former in quotes because this woman enables them to live that life comfortably while she cleans up after them and secretly hopes that she can change him. Pfft… maybe in a perfect world! But this world is far from perfect and perfect from afar!

    • Audrey says:

      Hi Rachel,
      I’m sorry to know about your experience. However, there are still those who hold on to true values. I myself is a teacher. I am not a single mom and I never dated ex criminals nor drug addicts. I know a lot of teachers and I don’t think that they are sluts. Lastly, it all boils down with the character of the person and not merely the profession.

    • Nathalie says:

      Thanks, I’m a teacher and as single Mum because the father of my daughter met someone and walked out on us halfway through my training. If I hadn’t had my daughter, my colleagues and my amazing school kids I don’t know how I’d have coped. Still, it’s nice to know that despite being a teacher, being all of these wonderful things and working hard in an incredibly deprived area to make a difference to kids who really need it and still managing to raise my beautiful, intelligent daughter….I’m not worthy of being loved because I’m a single Mum.

  126. Smith1991 says:

    Sammy V.G.

    I wish so much that you would have choose me, but I couldn’t have been so lucky. I will always think of that “what if” I could have made that happen. Maybe you will see this and think about the same “what if”… You are the one that got away… I miss you so much

  127. Becky says:

    My husband sent me the link to this blog. I love it and can relate in quite a few areas. Not a teacher yet but have gone back to uni and am currently training to be a Kindergarten teacher :o)

  128. Donna says:

    Audrey, You have made me cry!! I am single and I would love to make all the “too nice” guys read this and then meet them (:D). I love this whole thing even though it doesn’t fit me completely. I am a TA in a pre-school, but I am applying for regular teaching positions (I’M TERRIFIED, but thats another story :D) and am upset at that Joey Joe guy who doesn’t know how important teaching pre-school really is. The students form so much of their personality in pre-school and a definition of who they are from those around them and their experiences. And, we are teaching common core standards!!! We also don’t need to standardize test the students like crazy to teach and know that they are learning. But you are not a teacher so you obviously wouldn’t know or care.

    • Audrey says:

      Hi Donna! I’m glad you like this blog post. I used to teach in elementary but I have extra respect for preschool teachers. Your comment made me giddy! 🙂

  129. missananda says:

    Reblogged this on missananda and commented:
    FRIENDS. this is my first re-blog and a mighty good one at that. ALL YOU SINGLE, FEMALE TEACHERS IT’S A MUST-READ!

  130. Bryan Gulcin says:

    i teach and i will only date girls who are teachers

  131. rebelchic09 says:

    I am a teacher too and I could totally related to the bringing in a laptop everyday, having an oversized bag of stuff and spending weeknights/weekends prepping for a lesson plan, assessments and parent teacher conferences…but I love it!!!

  132. Matt says:

    What about a man who teaches?

  133. Ezra says:

    really touching.. so can I date you? 🙂

  134. Dakota Mitchell says:

    Just read this, and I like it. Not as much as the “date a girl who reads” one, but it is still very good, and quite true. I like a girl that has intelligence, and a kind heart. Luckily, my girlfriend loves children and wants to go and study to be an early childhood educator 🙂

  135. Michele Caporali says:

    Works pretty well for high school teachers too 🙂 My boyfriend is a teacher as well so should work both ways.. (or I hope 🙂 )

  136. Mary Maiden says:

    This made me smile – it’s awesome! It reminded me of my teaching days 🙂 the bags, worksheets, lesson plans and everything 🙂 one of my profile pics even says not all beautiful and handsome people are in the movie industry – some are teaching 🙂 and those things you mentioned are extra extra reasons for dating a teacher 🙂

  137. Suzanne says:

    I’m a preschool teacher and teach special education students. It’s hard and draining most of the time when people think I just “play all day.” This was not only heart-warming to read, but truly gave me that feeling that “the person who wrote this really ‘gets’ what it’s like to be a teacher.”…no matter what grade level. Thank you for posting. 🙂

  138. Richard says:

    So true! I did, and never regretted it. Although I have to say it was a little disconcerting the first time she talked in her sleep and the words were “Adam! Sit down!”

    Great post, Audrey. Thanks.

  139. Apple Hernandez says:

    My dream is to be a preschool teacher. Your post inspires me to pursue my dream higher. I like it ver much!

  140. Brandon Best says:

    I’m convinced, but how can I meet a teacher with her busy life?

    Thank you teachers for everything that you do! I know that each of you has a powerful impact on the children in your classroom today.

  141. Elvis says:

    How about this one?

    Date a good woman…whatever profession she’s in.

  142. DK says:

    Love it! I am an adult ESL teacher, but I also have glue, glitter, scissors, giant bags full of supplies. I’m definitely not all of these things, but very cute!

  143. Jennifer says:

    I’m entering my 28th year of teaching. I enjoyed your post, and while I understand your critics’ points that we are not all the same, I took your piece to be lighthearted fun of SOME of the more typical “teacher traits!” I relate to much of this, especially the being tired in the evening part! I will share this though: In my enormously huge teacher bag with the bottle of water and box of colored markers, there is a tiny compartment that contains a mirrored compact and, yes, lip gloss. 🙂 God bless you and your efforts to see the positive in an often weary world. May you go far.

  144. Michelle says:

    This is priceless!! Thank you for the share!

  145. Brooke says:

    Amen Sister! This made me smile so much! Pretty much sums up my life 🙂

  146. Greg says:

    I love the fact that someone else loves the “little kids” just as much as I love the middle school kids. I have taught eighth graders for 25 years and have loved every minute of it and would not trade it for any other grade – not elementary, not high school. Keep up the good work Ashley, they will soon be mine for a short time.

  147. Laura says:

    I love this!!! So true!! Never know-maybe my sons will marry a teacher!!
    I taught for 20 years so this made me smile.

  148. Chi says:

    This honestly convinced me that I need to marry a teacher….. Like wow.

  149. John says:

    I really loved this whole story. I’m dating a teacher right now and I really think she’s the one and who I’m gong to marry one day. Everything you said reminded me of her and I can’t explain how much she means to me. I hope every teacher reads this story and be able to relate to it. Keep writing and thank you for sharing this story.

    • Audrey says:

      Hi John!
      It is good to know that you’ve finally met the love of your life.

      Your comment is so touching! I’m sure your girl would feel giddy if ever she’ll read it! 🙂

      Thank you for dropping by… 🙂

  150. Ashley says:

    I really enjoyed this post! 🙂 Sharing it with fellow teacher friends.

  151. other says:

    I do enjoy the manner in which you have presented this concern and it really does present me a lot of fodder for thought. Nonetheless, from everything that I have witnessed, I simply just hope when the actual opinions stack on that folks stay on point and not embark on a tirade of the news of the day. Yet, thank you for this exceptional piece and although I can not concur with it in totality, I regard the standpoint.

  152. I like this web site so much, bookmarked. “To hold a pen is to be at war.” by Francois Marie Arouet Voltaire.

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  155. Some really good info , Sword lily I found this. “The minute one utters a certainty, the opposite comes to mind.” by May Sarton.

  156. Love, love, love this…!!!!!! Teaching for 20+ years now…. and I love your name… I have 3 girls ….Sabrina, Rebecca & my AUDREY….!!!!!!

  157. Scott Lingen says:

    I logged in via facebook, allowed Worpress to access my personal info and all drama that entails, just to say that this is amazing! You perfectly described my life and my now finace’s life to a T! Well done.

  158. akb48 購入 says:

    Very interesting subject, thank you for putting up.

  159. Sean says:

    I’m lucky enough to date a girl who teaches and I will never let go… She is perfect and I love her. Most caring women I have ever met

    • Audrey says:

      Awww… That is so sweet of you. I’m sure that she is truly a special girl and she is also fortunate to have you in her life. 🙂

  160. Thank you so much for posting this it is beautiful i was juts wondering if i would be able to review this post of my blog. it is only just starting up. but i would love to be able to review your post and then maybe have you guest blog on my blog. thanks Liz

  161. Ketsana says:

    I love this post! Thank you!
    I am an elementary school teacher and have been in the classrooms for 17 years!

  162. Allen says:

    Very nice! So true. What about doing a “Date a guy who teaches”. As a male teacher, I’d love to read that.

  163. Laura says:

    I wanna start my online dating profile like Hi, I’m Laura. After you read this blog, then we can talk. haha Great blog!

  164. Kate says:

    I understand that this was supposed to be cute and inspiring, but within the subtext I actually found to be rather devaluing to female teachers. Guys should date teachers because apparently they will receive the benefits that…

    (a) Teachers are low maintenance and not demanding (so guys don’t have to bother seeing her often or make much of an effort to see her)
    (b)Can give them inexpensive/possibly lame gifts to use at work and she’ll love them?
    (c) PRETEND to like inception? Why pretend? was she incapable of understanding it?
    (d)You can fart and be gross and remove all mystery and romance because she is used to children doing it and she will still want to sleep with you?
    (e)She’ll raise your children for you, you don’t have to worry about your input, she’ll do it all
    (f) She’d meet your every whim, be the perfect woman because for some reason you deserve it? Umm Huh…?

    I have the highest value for teachers, my mum’s one, now she’s a Principal, so I have the highest respect for teachers everywhere and all the irrational parents and crazy children you have to put up with. And don’t get me wrong there were some really nice sentences toward the end but I believe that there are way better reasons for guys to date teachers, without outlining the fact that men can be essentially be lazy and receive the perfect 1950’s wife, who’ll do anything for you.

    Teachers have amazing strength of character and courage; they are in one of the hardest customer service jobs in the world. They are raising the community’s children and molding the minds of the next generation. You didn’t mention intelligence or personal strength.

    Why does the guy deserve to date a teacher? What has he done that’s so great? He should relish in the mere opportunity and be supportive, he shouldn’t see your daily stories as insignificant but find them entertaining, and help you through bad days. Be making your horrible weeks better with inventive dates and doing things you like to do if your limited time with one another. He should be the considerate one, as you probably have a much harder job than he does.

    Sorry to rant (and yes i’ve possibly read into it a little too much lol) but seriously don’t sell yourself short people. You should write a list of why you are so wonderful if anything, rather than how you will make good wives and mothers.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks for saying what I was thinking! I could not have articulated it so well.

    • Ashleigh says:

      You make some interesting points. However I think her main idea is to emphasize a teacher’s overall good characteristics. Caring, strong, and compassionate individuals. I do not think that in any way she intended to sell teachers short. 🙂 Teachers are just wonderful people who are selfless and put in a lot of work for the greater good. And hopefully others will see those characteristics as something that they would want in a partner or spouse. I know that’s something I love about my significant other! 🙂

      • Audrey says:

        Thank you for sharing your insights Ashleigh! 🙂

        • Jordanne says:

          Did you read Kate’s comment? She has the best comment on this page–I scrolled all the way down just hoping to find one like hers. Yes, the essay is cute at surface level, but jeez, the amount of one-way respect in a relationship like that is one I’d never want in my life. It only counts if the person dating the teacher is just as caring etc. As Kate said: have some tsandards already.

    • thekaysea says:

      I really have to agree here. I am sure the OP is a great teacher, but I find that their values on what a woman should be are a little twisted. I am a teacher and I do not want kids of my own, I do not want my man to sit and fart in front of me all the time because it gets gross after hearing and smelling it all day. Yes, I am witty, and yes, I am patient, but to say that my man can get away with not spending time with me, letting me do all the hard work…it just sounds like sugar-coated misogyny which is sad because it’s coming from a woman.

      This poster needs to think higher of herself not as a teacher, but as a woman. She needs to think better of women as a whole. Your intentions were good, hon, but the end result is truly very insulting to those of us who have a life outside of the school we work at.

      Just so you know: if you’re a teacher and you are staying in “teacher mode” as much as this post would suggest, you’re going to suffer from burn-out and start to hate your job. Setting boundaries is a good thing, particularly when it comes to choosing someone to be in your life.

      Again: the intention was good, but the end result is insulting. I feel so bad for the OP that this is what she thinks of other women. 😦

  165. Kirrina Ricks says:

    This is an offense to all of us, high school teachers. Are we not good enough? Only those teaching little kids count??

    • I agree.
      And speaking as someone who taught kinder at first, then moved up to 8th grade science…
      8th grade science is way more challenging. Sorry to burst your bubble. You have way more kids and way more stress with standardized testing hanging over your head…

  166. Shannon R says:

    I teach 5th grade with all of the lovely common core standards, standardized tests, homework requirements, benchmark assessments, math and ELA modules, and the wonderful adolescent behaviors. All I have to say is god bless the pre-k/preschool teachers. I couldn’t do it in a million years. My own children loved preschool because of the caring, dedicated teachers. Kudos to you early childhood teachers out there. I couldn’t do my job without you doing yours! PS…I also love expensive purses. Just bought one last week. 😉 Gotta reward good behavior…even for the teacher!

  167. Male Teacher says:

    What about male teachers? No love for them?

  168. Joe Camel says:

    I’ve found teachers of young children to be absolutely insufferable to deal with, like someone who started playing pretend when they were 8 and never stopped. The sense of entitlement, as well, borders on gag-inducing. Date a teacher OF MIDDLE SCHOOL OR HIGH SCHOOL AGED CHILDREN, those poor bastards need emotional support like prisoners.

  169. Mrs. Huie says:

    Well, what a pretty way to start my day. I’m no longer a ‘girl’, but this old lady teacher sure does appreciate your words. Thank you, “Miss”.

  170. Pamela Martin says:

    This is perfect but…. I know many teachers who love expensive pocketbooks, myself included.

  171. Reba says:

    The average person who has never taught preschool would think that it is an “easy” job. I thought that until I became the director of a preschool. It only appears easy when exceptional, patient, good-natured, talented teachers have perfected their craft and make teaching look easy. The truth of the matter is, that of all the ages and grade levels I have taught in my 25 years as an educator, from 8th grade to preschool, the preschool teachers I work with currently are the hardest working, most invested, passionate teachers I have ever met. Anyone who feels they have it easy should walk in their shoes for just one day and then speak about the matter. After an hour you will change your tune. If you know a toddler – think about that child, multiply by 15 and enjoy thinking about teaching all at once. FYI – in preschool there certainly are standards to follow, evaluations to perform and write, observations to conduct, reports to write and loads of meetings to attend with colleagues and parents and phone calls, emails and notes to respond to.

    hank you for the cute post.The bit about the XL bags is spot on! We also tend to have many bags, all filled and being used all at once!

    • Audrey says:

      Hi Reba!
      Thank you for those wonderful insights! Wow!!! 25 years as an educator?!! That’s profound! I’m sure you have a lot of wonderful stories to tell! 🙂

    • Melissa says:

      I have to say preschool and kindergarten teachers are my heroes. I teach second grade and there is no way I could accomplish half of what I do without amazing people laying a strong foundation for students to build on when they get to me. Anyone who thinks teaching young children is a cakewalk has clearly never been in a room with 10+ small children and had to meet everyone’s needs and teach them at the same time.

  172. Sergey says:

    nice post..I hope i can find my own soon 😀

  173. Erin Katrina says:

    LOVE this post! Sharing on Facebook now. Hope you don’t mind! 🙂

  174. Peter fekete says:

    Pretty sure There is not a shortage of girl teachers That are not being dated Men like yall. lady teachers are the best

  175. Maria Wise says:

    I am a woman who teaches. It is my job, my profession, my love; but just because I am capable of doing “more with less” does not mean that I prefer it. Just because I cannot afford the finer things in life does not mean I don’t want them. Yes, date a girl who teaches, but don’t giver her colored pencils or markers, she’ll buy those for herself. Don’t bring her grocery store flowers because she is used to playground dandy lions; bring her beautiful roses and gift certificates for the most expensive spa you can afford. Yes, date a girl who teaches and treat her like royalty. Just because she CAN do everything doesn’t mean she should have to…..and don’t you DARE let her do your laundry!-be glad she won’t let you do hers.

  176. Rayna says:

    Love love love this! I’m currently a highschool junior, and when I’m in college I plan on majoring in early childhood education/early childhood special education. 🙂

  177. Sam says:

    I married a teacher. She told me to read your post. It was great. Thanks. Sam

  178. laura buzzell says:

    Can we put this on a billboard? I need all the PR i can get!!

  179. Amanda says:

    LOVE this! Thank you for making my night!

  180. Ivan says:

    The post reminds me so much about my fiance and I am very thankful that I have her. Nice post Audrey.

    • Audrey says:

      Awww… That’s so sweet of you Ivan! 🙂 I’m sure your fiancee feels really blessed to have a man who loves and appreciates her… 🙂

  181. stauisms says:

    This is a wonderful post. What you’ve written down is all true. 🙂

  182. Amanda says:

    I loved this! I teach very young children and this is so accurate! Especially telling your boyfriend stories about children, farting in front of her, and especially, naming your children. Just certain names you know you will never name your own kids. I always say i’m so glad I work with kids now before I have kids of my own. So many things you see and expierence that will help in parenting! Great post 🙂

  183. Ashley says:

    I love this! People always wonder why my bags are so heavy! Teachers always have to be ready! 🙂

  184. thecheflibrarian says:

    Reblogged this on The Chef Librarian and commented:
    Find a girl who teaches 🙂

  185. Oh gosh this was perfect!! I am a teacher and related to everything you said. There is nothing like being a teacher, and I wouldn’t trade it, or the many bags I carry, for the world!

  186. Hey Teacher Audrey! Teacher Dan here! Cool entry! Good thing nakita ko sa fb through my blockmate haha! See yah around 🙂

  187. titserysa says:

    Right you are! I agree with everything. The tote bag, wet wipes, etc. (biased comment from a preschool teacher :p )

    • Audrey says:

      Hello Titserysa!
      I am also quite subjective when it comes to my fellow educators after because I know the challenge of the job! 🙂

  188. jimter says:

    Hey Audrey, I love your post, how about date a boy who teaches… hehehe

  189. Love this! Educator for the win! hihi 😀

  190. deb says:

    Nakakarelate ako ah. Nice blog salamat :-)supersized bag talaga tayong mga teacher. 🙂 love it:-) thanks God bless

  191. dane says:

    Super nice..very inspiring..hubby works in the bank and it relaxes him when we cut letters together..;-) He enjoys storybooks too! Now, he reads to our son..
    I always have back pains because of heavy bags on both shoulders though..haha funny lang coz my make up kit adds up to my bag’s weight so i decided to leave it at home..;-)

    • Audrey says:

      Hi Dane!

      You are fortunate to find a man who loves being with a teacher.

      I could also relate to your story of carrying heavy bags… sometimes, may paper bags pang bitbit (for visual aids)! Haha!

  192. Maestra La Chica says:

    So can relate to the part of laptop, water bottle, yuckiest things etc. Bragging rights but so real 🙂

  193. Abi Tiu says:

    I am a teacher and this really made me laugh because it’s so true 🙂

  194. Patrick P. says:

    Hi Audrey,

    Everything in this article is true. I am proud to have a partner who teaches. She loves me unconditionally. Not only is she my life’s partner, she also serves as my teacher, my best-friend, my sister, my coach, my #1 fan, my mentor, and even as my “mom”. She teaches me happiness sourced from simplicity. I love her so much and I am proud to have someone like her.

    Every time I plan on giving her a gift, my first stop will always be National Bookstore. 🙂 I also have a big box full of her letters 🙂 Teaching will always be the most noble profession in the world.

    I love this article.

    -Pat P.

    • Audrey says:

      Hello Patrick!
      Let me first tell you that I enjoyed reading your comment. It made me giddy and kinikilig talaga ako para sa inyong dalawa! You might be fortunate to have her but I am pretty sure that she feels the same way towards you. Not everyone could understand and appreciate teachers. Keep that positive vibes going! 🙂

  195. Lon says:

    Hi Ms. Audrey! I love ” Date a Girl Who Teaches” pretty much.. So true… i know.. because am a proud educator..=)

    More post about teachers thingy… =)

    God bless you Miss.

    • Audrey says:

      Hello Lon!
      Thank you for your kind words! I feel encouraged whenever I receive comments like that from readers! I’ll try to post more entries about ‘teachers thingy’ in the future. 🙂 Thank you for your suggestion… 🙂

  196. niki says:

    nice one, ms audrey!
    relate much with paragraph 1 and 3 🙂
    not that i dont like expensive gifts but books, flowers and craft punchers will definitely make me smile. i think that’s one of the beauties of a preschool teacher it keeps you enjoy and appreciate simple things.
    i could spend long hours rummaging a bookshop for 2nd hand children’s books or spend a day trying my hands into something creatively crafty.
    celebrate teachers. celebrate children. celebrate life!

    more power and God bless

  197. metaporista says:

    Wala na akong masabi. Saktong-sakto sa mga karamihan ng mga TEG teachers. Saktong-sakto at parang sinukat talaga. Nice post!

  198. Naya says:

    I super love the entry. I’m a preschool teacher too. I enjoyed reading it. 🙂

    • Audrey says:

      Hi Naya!
      I’m happy to know that you enjoyed reading it! Thank you for taking time to drop a comment! Take care and may you continue to touch the lives of your students!

  199. sandy gloria says:

    wonderful creation…if i may say… very inspiring and indeed true… love it so much… can i share it? =)

  200. Julia says:

    This is HORRIBLE. The cliches about pre-school teachers are pathetic.

    “It is easy enough to date a girl who teaches. She won’t want expensive gifts; you can buy storybook for her birthday, flowers for Teacher’s day, craft punchers for Christmas.”

    Storybook for her birthday? Flowers for Teacher’s day? Craft punchers for Christmas? Grabeng stereotype. I guess teachers don’t have individual personalities apart from their job, huh?

    With this post, you’ve made teachers seems like boring yayas who don’t have a life.

    Trying hard masyado yung author. Gaya gaya pa ng style kay Urquico, almost plagiarism na.


    • Audrey says:

      Hi Julia!

      I’m sorry that you felt that way. However, being a teacher myself, I don’t see it as a cliché to belittle pre-school teachers. I believe that the best teachers should be in pre-school because they contribute in molding the foundational skills, values, and principles of the individual.

      I never claim that teachers are boring yayas because I am a teacher myself and with all due respect, I refuse to claim that I am a boring yaya. Aside from learning continuously, teachers need to have the heart to love and to serve.

      My respect for the author of said essay is still intact.
      We have different opinions and perspectives and I chose to see that essay in a positive light. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Julia! 🙂

      • Joey Joe Joe says:

        The best teachers don’t go to pre-school. Why would they? People who want to have it easy teach pre-K. There aren’t as many requirements, there are no common core standards, there are no state tests, and there’s no homework or tests to grade. That’s a silly concept to expect the best one to gravitate to that grade level.

        And yes, this blog post does make teachers sound boring. Truth is, there are plenty of good stories when it comes to teaching, but this manages to make it sound dull.

        • Audrey says:

          Hi Joey Joe Joe,

          I have high respect for pre-school teachers. They might not be teaching about the complexities of life or technicalities of different subjects but I think that it is a true challenge to handle pre-schoolers, more so, to inculcate core values and principles to them. It is just sad that you have that kind of schema about pre-school teachers.

          • Catt says:

            Pre school teachers have it anything but easy. We are their mom away from mom, their teacher about life and their friend and confidant. Yes, pre k kids have secrets to tell, whether it be that they like little Jimmy or that big sis is really one year older than mom and dad have been married, we hear it all. We clean up the puke, the pee, the poop. We teach them to share and be kind to others, even when others are not kind to them. We teach them that things are not always as bad as they seem and comfort them when they are. We are the one who makes learning fun and while we don’t have core standards or standardized testing, maybe that makes it harder because they need to learn how to be patient and sit still before they get to the level where they will have those standardized tests. Pre school teachers work through fevers and every kind of illness imaginable because they can’t imagine leaving their class in a substitute teachers hands and when they have no other choice the class is planned out carefully for that substitute. Watch Kindergarten Cop, besides the undercover aspect that is actually pretty close to how kids behave in a kindergarten class. We take that unruly mess and turn it into order.

          • Mrs. Smith says:

            I have read the response of Joey Joe Joe several days ago and am just now finding myself able to respond (I’m sure gaining control before hastily barking back was something I learned in my early educational career as a young child). I agree with another reader that knowing your facts before responding is key. I have been in the classroom the past 10 years. 5 of those years were spent in kindergarten and 5 in first grade. I’m pretty sure that even though I may not have taught my kids pre-calc, geometry, economics, or some other higher education, I still taught them some of the most important life skills that will be with them for the rest of their lives. The skills that early childhood teachers teach are essential in children growing up and becoming an asset to society. We teach right from wrong, not immediately reacting when something/someone makes us mad, to care about others, making friends, to not judge others, that its ok to not agree with someone else but that we don’t have to belittle them, to express themselves, to make good choices even when pressured by their peers, we teach integrity, and honesty. We teach a love for learning and that it’s ok to be smart in hopes to keep our kids in school and off the streets. We strive to help kids develop healthy habits and these are just a few to name. In my eyes these are skills that kids need just in order to function later on in life. Without those skills, think about where kids would be as they got older Would they make it to college or even high school for that matter?. What would our society come to? Isn’t it bad enough in some aspects? And we teach those skills even at times when all the odds are against us. That’s not always easy.

            I have one question for Joey Joe Joe. What is it that you do for a living? Have you ever taught a group of 18 5/6 year olds to READ? It is not the easiest thing in the world. I wish I could say with a snap of my fingers I could teach a child to read, but I can’t. Today, most pre school teachers are teaching their kids to read not because it is perhaps in their curriculum, but they know that without some reading foundation early on, kids will already be behind even though they are just going into kindergarten. Have you sat in a pre-school or kindergarten classroom lately? I can imagine that you would be in disbelief at what you would see is required of kids. I could go on and on.

            I’m sure that you would probably label me as your typical flowery head in the clouds teacher that just wipes butts and sings the ABC’s for a living, but I’m ok with that because I had a WONDERFUL kindergarten teacher that taught me not to care what others thought of me.

            As a teacher, I think it’s pretty safe to say that most of us teachers encounter people like you with those same misconceptions about what we “do” for a living on a daily basis. I get the “oh, you play with kids all day” all the time, and I’m ok with that because if teaching a child to beat all odds and become a stand up citizen in the community or impacting a child’s life in the smallest way which then alters their life towards a positive outcome, seems like “play” to them; I sure would like to see what “work” is to them.

            That’s just my 2 cents, but hey what do I know I’m just a kindergarten teacher.

        • Jay says:

          Joey Joe Joe,

          You sound like a fu**ing idiot in this post. You obviously don’t know anything about early childhood brain development and when the most rapid growth/ biggest impact can be made. I teach early education, not pre-k, but completely believe that teaching pre-k is one of the hardest but most important jobs in America. When I read opinions such as yours, to me, its a clear indication that someone does not know much about brain development and has not spent time working in pre-k.

          • Laura says:

            I couldn’t agree with you more. I have my bachelor’s degree in elementary education with a minor in early childhood, and I’ve subbed in every grade level. Pre-k was one of the most challenging ages to teach. And you’re absolutely right. The most important intellectual growth years happen before a child hits first grade. And pre-k teachers spend WAY more time prepping than teachers in higher grades. There are also assessments. It’s ok to be ignorant, as long as you keep your ignorance doesn’t blast someone else, Joey Joe Joe.

          • Justin says:

            “You sound like a fu**ing idiot”. Oh joy, I simply couldn’t wait to reply to this gem. You believe that a pre-k teacher is “one of the hardest” and “most important jobs” in America? That statement is such a disgrace to people with jobs such as doctors, coal miners, crab fishermen, loggers, sewer cleaners, oil drillers, child protective investigators and literally dozens of other jobs that are clearly harder, both physically and emotionally, than a pre-k teacher.

            In the second sentence here you say that Joey Joe Joe obviously doesn’t know anything about early childhood brain development, and then only two sentences later you say the exact same thing. Do you expect anyone to take you seriously?

            Laura here somehow couldn’t agree more with absurdly ignorant post and goes on to advise Joey not to be ignorant. I’m beginning be concerned that you people are playing such, as you would say, crucial roles these children’s lives.

            I have learned a few things after skimming through these comments.
            1. Early education teachers sure think very highly of themselves.
            2. These “extremely hard working” professionals spend their time arguing on threads.

            If any of you teachers can manage to read this entire post before replying telling me I’m a fu**ing idiot, let me say that I do respect teachers. I believe that they do play important roles in a child’s life. Is it the hardest and most important job in the world? Well that is your personal opinion, but I am curious if you would find coal mining less physically exhausting or being the person to administer the death penalty a walk in the park. Maybe think about being a doctor? Saving people’s lives is thousands of times more important in my opinion. Not to mention the schooling required is much more difficult, longer, and competitive.

            So in closing, Jay how about you read your comments a few times before posting?

          • Michelle says:

            In response to Justin- I just felt like I had to say something. I really couldn’t wait to say something about your statement.
            1. ” Early education teachers sure think very highly of themselves.” – We don’t think very high of ourselves, we just see how important teaching is in our society.

            2. “These ‘extremely hard working’ professionals spend their time arguing on threads.” I mean people can’t spend there time researching things on their job, and happen to find this article? When I went to respond to this cute article I saw your comments and needed to say, yeah you’re not a very likable person. Every job has teachers, without any teachers our society wouldn’t go on.

            Oh, and you should thank your elementary school teacher for teaching you how to read and write so you could read this comment, and respond to this article.

        • Michelle Kaye! says:

          Why would you turn a cute blog entry into a debate about Common Core? 😦
          I teach high school and I see much of myself in this blog! I ENJOY my job! Yes I ENJOY teaching high school! And yes we have to address Common Core. By the time students reach high school some of them dislike school! I think it is wonderful for such a warm atmosphere in the early years! I try to keep the love and warmth in my classroom! And yes, my husband may buy me books, flowers, and school supplies for any occasion!

        • Jordan says:

          With all do respect Joey Joe Joe, and Julia, you are completely incorrect.

          I am a FIRST grade teacher, fresh out of college and slammed into the new common core. Pre-K DOES have common core modules coming up the pipe, and continuous, stressful observations to complete. In elementary you are dealing with the parents who didn’t want to teach their children how to write their name, how to say please and thank you, having to teach them that F*** is NOT a word you should actually use, how to bath yourself daily,what to eat for breakfast IF ANYTHING AT ALL, teach students that despite mommy and daddy fighting over going to jail, that everything in school will be o.k. I HAVE to give daily homework due to common core, and am stressed to the max on a daily basis either about if my students were able to sleep this time, lesson plans, upcoming evals, etc. I stay up for those shows, go to wing nights, have fun on the weekends, plan trips, continue with grad courses, while being utterly exhausted.

          Sorry that you feel this way about Pre-K teachers. It’s a shame that you think that. Sure, this author may think that Pre-K is the best grade. It’s an opinion….that we are all entitled to–that many would agree with. It is a FACT that the modules INDEED are coming up through, and some are forced to teach as much as the core that they can WITHOUT the modules as guides in Pre-K, or “guess” from the Kindergarten modules.

          This article makes teachers seem far from dull. It shows appreciation for people in a profession that work hard past the 9-5 standard work day, and STILL manage to have an exciting life. Audre, this was a great post and made my day.

        • s says:

          Hi. just came across this. I teach preschool and we do follow the common core standard, have homework and assessments to grade. So know your information before you say anything.

        • angie says:

          Joey…. I am not a teacher at all… but I can even see how wrong you are in this statement…. let me ask you this… do you have children?? If not… then you can’t begin to imagine what a teacher goes through on a daily basis.
          If so…. then you know what it is like to have toddler…. now multiply that by 20-30! Taking care of a few children at home is a task in itself…. couldyou really quiet a room of 30 rambunctious, energetic children? Then get them all to pay attention at the same time to a lesson on the alphabet, numbers and manners…. assess the provide for each of their needs? Keeping your composure and patience in check???

          Our good teachers take enough crap on a day to day basis, and do it because of the love they uave for it… because they darn sure don’t bring home a big fat paycheck for it!! To claim any of them are taking an easy route proves to me you have no clue as to what it takes to care for a childlet alone 20-30 of them at once…. may I suggest you stand in a preschool or kindergarten class for one day… i dare you to leave thT day feeling the same way you do now!!

        • Rocky says:

          Joey Joe Joe, I’m so insulted by your comment. But, rather than lashing out, I would like to educate you. I am a Pre-K teacher. We have Common Core State Standards, State Test, AND regular assessments. We, as teachers, are held at the same standards as every other teacher in our own assessments. We are observed and graded by our principals, assessed as teachers by the scores our children receive on their test, and have paper work just like every other teacher. We also don’t receive 1 break. We are required to be with our kids the whole day while other teachers receive breaks during Library, P.E., or Computer class. I am by no means saying that the best teachers teach Pre-K, but please do not insult me while trying to make your point.

        • Z says:

          You obviously have no clue what you’re talking about

        • Leo Jade says:

          First of all I don’t think you can belittle anyones profession, that’s just plain ignorant. Kindergarten teachers serve a very important role in a child’s life! Who claimed that to be a good educator, and to have a positive impact on a child’s life you need to be able to grade papers and tests? There’s a lot more to life than passing tests and I’ve found my most influential teachers were the ones who taught me skills that I have used in real life. They are the ones that have inspired me to be a teacher. I teach Primary by the way so know all about marking work. But I am very aware that my job is much bigger than that and I have great respect for kindergarten teachers (I certainly couldn’t do it).

          As for this blog post I disagree with a lot of it. It makes us seem like the picture perfect perfect girl next door, 50’s submissive housewife. I’m sorry but I don’t want storybooks and craft things for my birthday or christmas….that’s stuff I buy for the children birthdays and christmas gifts should be more personal, I am more than just my profession.

          Don’t get me wrong I love the concept and I agree most of the teachers I’ve met are some of the most amazing people I know but it’s also hard I think to date a teacher.

      • Catalyst says:

        It’s just dismal that you seem to demean the intellectual capacity and passion of preschool teachers Joey Joe Joe. The author of this piece meant not to demonstrate the superiority of one profession over another, but simply provide a glimpse of the general character and disposition of our early education mentors in a LIGHT and BUBBLY way. I feel bad for you. What’s with the negative attitude dude.

      • Becky says:

        “Joey Joe Joe” seems to have never been in a preschool classroom since he left preschool. There are plenty of standards to follow, particularly if one is teaching Head Start or Early Head Start. It’s called “Galileo” (at least, that is what it is called in the state of Texas). Does it use standardized testing as a checkpoint? Sort of, but not exactly. But good education does not rarely relies on standardized testing anyway. This is a lie that we have allowed bureaucrats to feed to us.

        Furthermore, teaching preschool requires immense patience and intentionality. Try teaching at a low-income preschool in particular, Joey Joe Joe. These parents drop their kids off for 8 hours a day and then expect you to not just teach, but actually raise their child for them (this includes potty-training, socialization, and learning ALL foundational skills). Many of my three and four year old students know the entire alphabet, can count to 20, recognize numerals from 1 to 10, and already have excellent phonemic awareness (look it up). Do they know the periodic table of elements? Of course not. Because they are three and not fifteen. Teachers must teach at a level that their students are capable of learning, even though the teacher has likely taken and passed chemistry, physics, biology, calculus, and many other “more important” subjects along the way.

        Sorry for being so dull and boring, Joey Joe Joe, as I am sure you and your imaginary girlfriend are both NASA employees. I am sure that you two have conversations that I am far too stupid to understand, and that she is super sexy when she whispers your highly creative and alliterative nickname. Thank you for solving world hunger and finding the cure to cancer. Your intellect is truly a gift to humanity.

        Sorry for my rant on your post, Audrey. I just saw Joey Joe Joe’s comment and it struck a nerve.

        • Audrey says:

          Hi Becky!
          Don’t apologize for your ‘rant’ 🙂 I was actually smiling while reading your comment. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Becky! 🙂

          • Adam says:

            Good Lord why can’t people just be happy and appreciate the sentimentality of the article. Joe, I decided to teach elementary music with my life. I don’t have to grade homework or prepare students for standardized tests, so I’ll admit I may have it a tiny bit easier than others. However, teaching Pre-k is no cake walk. There are no common core standards because preschools are private businesses. That means you have to have the patience of a teacher and the customer service skills of a waiter at all times. It’s a job not many people can do. Finally, it’s one thing, as a teacher to not respect another teacher because of how they do their job. It’s another to blindly judge someone because of what they do. If you’re that intolerant a human being, please get out of education ASAP because the world doesn’t need more of that.

    • Amrel says:

      I may say, you’re a crap Julia. Your teacher was very kind letting you passed… So sorry for you.. Your moral foundation is very poor.

    • Maegan says:

      Any of you posting about this being horrible is just ridiculous. Think about some of the other stereotypes people are faced with are you serious? I went from working in a preschool to working in a brewery. I went from meeting every single bullet point on this list to automatically being deemed an alcoholic are you serious?

      If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

      I think this is absolutely beautiful. It had me in such happy little tears and showed it to my boyfriend who was crying laughing, especially at the oversized bags and the glitter card for every occasion (because who even knows how many of those he has received at this point).

      Do I enjoy getting jewelry and going out for dinners? Sure. But it’s beautiful to draw attention to WHY teachers are just as happy with a new set of expanded color sharpie packs or staying in on a Tuesday to grade papers.

      This was beautiful.
      I love it.
      And I hate all of you who are trying to take this woman’s thoughts and works and spin it to fit your ridiculous ideals. Shat up.

    • Maria Wilson says:

      If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

    • Jimmy says:

      That’s your opinion. And if you don’t like it don’t bash them! My girlfriend is a teacher and in some ways this is her. Not all aspects but some. And opinions are like butt holes everyone has one. And yours my friend stinks! I would hate for my kid to have such a negative teacher like you! Have some respect for the author! You were a fail!

    • Jimmy says:

      That’s your opinion. And if you don’t like it don’t bash them! My girlfriend is a teacher and in some ways this is her. Not all aspects but some. And opinions are like butt holes everyone has one. And yours my friend stinks! I would hate for my kid to have such a negative teacher like you! Have some respect for the author! You were a fail!

  201. khristine says:

    this made me smile! 🙂
    I teach children too! 😉

  202. My boyfriend posted this on my wall, and I happen to be a pre-school teacher too. 🙂 This is such an inspiring entry 🙂

  203. Kai Sensei says:

    I love this post! I’m a teacher myself so I can super relate.. (super laughed with the super sized bags.. XD guilty!!!) now if only more guys would read this. 😛 *sighs*

  204. Maribel says:

    aww, what more can i say?! I teach children too! 🙂

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