Ocean Adventure

I went to Subic with my officemates to have a break from the nitty-gritty details of work and enjoy the beauty of nature. For our first stop, we went to Ocean Adventure!


When we arrived, we were just on time for the start of show.


The balancing act started with a mini-lecture (yet fun) welcome from a cool professor who talked about the importance of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle).


The musically-incline lecture was presented in a fun way!


After the lecture-type performance, the acrobats from Kenya perked us up!


There were a lot of wows and ahhhs from the audience as we watch their jaw-dropping stunts!!!

After being amazed by said performance, we went to the Sea Lion Marine Show.


These well-trained sea lions performed for us!


These beautiful creatures, sang, danced, swam, and performed for us. They are really adorable!!!

Then comes the dolphin show! Here’s a video clip that I took for you…

Dolphins with their trainors

Dolphins with their trainers

This is just a glimpse of the many things that you can do and enjoy in Ocean Adventure!!! I had fun!!! 🙂 Ocean Adventure is a fun yet educational way to relax. The long drive was worth it!


About Audrey

I am not a typical “girl-next-door”, But I am striving to be a woman of valor. I cannot turn the heads of many people, But I can touch their lives and still be humble. To please my Creator, that is my main goal, To let Him mold me, for me to fit in my role. My other wish is to have a pure soul, And to have a zealous heart like a burning coal. Strength and honor must be my clothing, Purity and honesty, for me is an important thing. To be a woman of principles, that’s what I’m preparing, To make God proud of me as I keep on dazzling. I may not be as perfect as what I want to be, A soldier in the battle that is what I can see. I’ll keep on fighting to solve life’s mystery, To win the battle is the best reward for me!
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