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Shoe Collection

I’m finally giving in to blog about my shoe collection. As what I’ve said in my previous entries, I am more of a shoe person than a bag lady. (Although recently, I am starting to be fascinated with bags! Oh … Continue reading

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Disconnect to Connect

We are all living in a hyper-connected world. The technology that we enjoy right now was not even in existence a decade ago. Connecting with work, people, and leisure is as easy as pressing a button in your laptop or … Continue reading

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Nice and Natural

Few weeks ago, a pack of Nice and Natural Nut Bars was given to me. I thought that it was just like one of the nutrition bars found in the supermarket. Since I have a pack of chocolates in my … Continue reading

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Why so Greedy???

Sometimes I wonder, why could people be so greedy? I ask myself, are they really that needy? Or they just want to get more from the treaty? Then they’ll try to come out so cleanly?   Can’t they just live … Continue reading

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Pose and Swim

Hello there! Hope that you are all doing fine… This time, i’ll be sharing with you some of my swimming pictures taken during the competition. We are not super-swimmers but we are glad to be in the team. We train … Continue reading

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