Appreciating Nature

It has been a busy month for me so far. I do enjoy my work and it is such a rewarding experience to learn how to juggle different things at the same time. However, exercise was put on the back seat this time (oh! how I miss swimming!).

Normally, I travel an average of 3-4 hours a day during weekdays. That gives me time to relax, think, reflect and sometimes, sleep (Zzzzzzz…). There are times when I need to go on the road for long distance trips just like last Sunday when I traveled almost ten hours in one day! Rising up at dawn to travel to Quezon for a board meeting then traveling back to Manila late in the afternoon. I remember being so tired that when we passed by a restaurant for supper, I just swallowed my food (without minding the taste) for the sake of eating. My entire body was shouting “sleeeeeeep” that time knowing that I needed  to wake up at 4:00 in the morning the following day.

Amidst the travel period, it was during these moments when I pause for a while and look outside the vehicle to appreciate the beauty of nature.

Here are some of the pictures that from my instagram:

The beautiful early morning view as we travel towards Quezon.

#outoftown #trip #workation

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This site is truly lovely!

The #beauty of #nature #itsmorefun #philippines

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I also tried the local snacks called “Pilipit” which is made of flour, squash, and brown sugar.

Enjoying these #infinity shaped #squash #pilipit for #merienda

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The floating nipa hut where you could leisurely enjoy your lunch.

…and the sunset along Manila Bay leaves you baffled at the beauty of nature!

#beauty of #Manila #Bay #nature #sunset

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In our fast-paced world, we need to stop for a while and look at our surroundings – life is beautiful to those who know how to appreciate it!


About Audrey

I am not a typical “girl-next-door”, But I am striving to be a woman of valor. I cannot turn the heads of many people, But I can touch their lives and still be humble. To please my Creator, that is my main goal, To let Him mold me, for me to fit in my role. My other wish is to have a pure soul, And to have a zealous heart like a burning coal. Strength and honor must be my clothing, Purity and honesty, for me is an important thing. To be a woman of principles, that’s what I’m preparing, To make God proud of me as I keep on dazzling. I may not be as perfect as what I want to be, A soldier in the battle that is what I can see. I’ll keep on fighting to solve life’s mystery, To win the battle is the best reward for me!
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