The Farm at San Benito (Part 1)

The Farm at San Benito is nestled in the foothills of Mount Malarayat. It is just a two-hour drive from Manila. I’ve been hearing about this place for quite sometime already so when Nicole of The Farm informed me that I can blog about it, I became really giddy! After few exchange of emails with Nicole, we’ve set the date of the visit!

The scenic drive to Lipa is already a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the Metro.


You could see a number of signage on the road that would direct you to The Farm plus the map that was emailed to us by the management came handy.

The Farm is a sprawling property dotted with trees, gardens, lagoons, waterfalls, and flowers! Everything in the farm is classy and beautiful. Amidst the touch of luxury that is evident in the area, you won’t be intimidated because the staff is genuinely nice and friendly! In fact, as soon as we parked, somebody met us at the parking lot and offered to carry our luggage.


Reception Area

We met Michael, the GM at the reception area. He is nice and amiable! He showed us his cute dog and he joked that the dog detects the meat or junk food being brought by the guests (good thing we came clean or else i’ll be guilty as charged! hahaha!). We were greeted by the friendly staff. One even commented “You have a nice blog!”. I was genuinely humbled by the gesture. We were given cold towels and refreshing drinks. Haaay… Relaxation begins! I noticed the beautiful flower arrangement that served as a centerpiece in the reception area plus the beautiful jar with its flowers.


As we follow the guide towards the villa assigned to us, this scenic view welcomed us:

twenty threeWe got upgraded in a really nice room! (*insert giddy look here*) Wow! Such a blessing!!! Thank you so much The Farm!

As the gate leading to the villa opened, “ooohs”, “ahhhhhs” and “Wows” emanated from my mouth! It is really beautiful! Haaaay… Let me tour you around the villa.


the super soft bed

the super soft bed


the complimentary fruits plus a personalized welcome card… so sweet!

complimentary tea, the nice beehive jar of water and some magazines

complimentary tea, the nice beehive jar of water and some magazines


Yes, each villa has a fire extinguisher, phone, and guides


Could your see the glass partition that divides the bath area from the toilet? Yes, the bathroom has an open ceiling and a really nice shower!

During your stay, they'll provide you with natural and handmade soap, shampoo, conditioner, and body polish! Cotton buds, cottons, shower caps, facial tissues, and towels are also provided

During your stay, they’ll provide you with natural and handmade soap, shampoo, conditioner, and body polish! Cotton buds, cottons, shower caps, facial tissues, and towels are also provided

You also have cabinets, safe, flash light, robes, hamper, and slippers. You're given your own "bayong" that you could use to carry your things while enjoying the amenities of The Farm

You also have cabinets, safe, flash light, robes, hamper, and slippers.
You’re given your own “bayong” that you could use to carry your things while enjoying the amenities of The Farm

You could see your garden even though you're enjoying the airconditioned air inside your room because you have a glass wall! :) Isn't amazing!

You could see the garden even though you’re enjoying the airconditioned air inside your room because you have a glass wall! 🙂 Isn’t amazing??!

the Villa has its own garden! :)

the Villa has its own garden! 🙂

...and yes! You have your own garden with veranda where you could sip your tea... :)

…and yes! You also have your own veranda where you could sip your tea… 🙂 Everyday, you’ll be provided with the list of activities where you could participate (see the picture on the upper right portion).

For that day, we attended the ALIVE! Cuisine Prep Class where guests were taught how to prepare delicious and healthy cuisine!


Chef Casper taught us how to prepare some of the healthy meals

After the cooking class, Reagan (one of the friendly staff), approached us for another tour. He showed us the different villas and amenities that The Farm offers. I will share it on another post. 🙂

After the tour, we we’re invited for an afternoon tea! Merienda time! Hurray!


...our healthy escapade begins... We had herbal tea, watermelon, and coconut crackers with hummus

…our healthy escapade begins… We had herbal tea, watermelon, and coconut crackers with hummus

Then we went to the Spa Area which they call as “The Healing Sanctuary”.

twenty six

As you enter the Healing Sanctuary, you’ll be amazed with lovely Mandala Fresh Flower Arrangements!

twenty eight twenty seven

The ambiance is so relaxing that you just want to lie down and enjoy the serene moment!

thirty twenty nine

Their massage and spa treatments are renowned here and abroad not just because of their skillful massage therapists and specialized treatments but also because you could enjoy your massage/treatment outdoor or under the stars while enjoying your privacy.

“The Healing Sanctuary, our SPA, provides a peaceful and soothing atmosphere to nurture your relaxation, healing and rejuvenation process. All therapies directly support the healing of the body by removing toxins from within the tissues and organs of the body, providing nourishment through the skin, restoring energy balance, and decreasing the acidity pH of the body.

The Sanctuary offers an extensive menu of signature treatments, European and Asian massages, body scrubs and beauty treatments. Our products are homemade fresh for each treatment, 100% natural and organic. The Farm, itself, produces a number of the ingredients used in our treatments including fresh coconut milk, virgin coconut oil, coconut fiber, coffee, and cocoa. Our highly trained therapists provide the finest loving care to each guests.”

During my stay at the farm, I also enjoyed the infinity pool! (By the way, they have three pools! The other one is with a man-made waterfalls!) Swimming while being surrounded with trees and nature is one of a kind experience!

twenty twenty one

After a full-packed day, Alive Restaurant is the right place to go to for dinner. This restaurant only heats the food that it serves upto 40 degrees Centigrade and it uses a specially designed dehydrators instead of cooking it in order not to destroy the nutritional properties and enzymes of the food. They have their own vegetable garden where they grow the organic vegetable that they serve. Now, that’s what you really call fresh and healthy!

photo from The Farm at San Benito

photo from The Farm at San Benito

It is such an exciting feeling to dine at the restaurant that received the 2012 and 2010 Asia Spa Award for Spa Cuisine and the 2012 Spafinder’s Readers Choice Award for Best Health Spa Cuisine for its healthy and flavorful culinary creations. WOWOWOW!

Since this is a special restaurant, I already expected the food to be a little pricey. However, for the taste and the nutrition that you get from it – it is worth it!

I am not a vegetarian nor a vegan but I came here with an open mind to enjoy the experience. Since I don’t eat pork, shellfish, and fish without scales, whenever I eat out, I really scrutinize the menu of the restaurant before deciding what to order. Hence, I find it exciting that I could choose anything in their menu because I know that I can eat everything that they will serve. It is a bonus factor for me!

 For dinner and dessert:

Mixed Organic Salad with Tomato, Mango, Cucumber, and Nut Cheese (Php380.00)

thirty two

Soba Noodles with Stir-Fry Vegetables (Php480.00)

thirty three

Mango Chocolate Layer Cake (Php250)

thirty four

The restaurant staff is so thoughtful that they prepared another special dessert and gave it for free! Awww…

thirty five

I enjoyed the food! Everything that they served is flavorful! It is such a nice feeling to know that you’re eating clean, healthy, and delicious food! Plus, plus, plus… let me just say that the desserts that were served are sooooo delicious! I was quite hesitant at first knowing that everything is vegan. They don’t use milk or dairy products even in their desserts but let me say that it is soooo yummy!!! Two thumbs up!!!

After everything that I ate for dinner, I look forward to sleep in the very cozy and comfy room that they provided! Oh, the bed is so soft and the comforter – oh I actually want to take it home because it feels like you’re being wrapped with marshmallows!!! I planned to join the yoga exercise but woke up late. Good thing that there was an Oil of Life Tour scheduled that day!thirty six

In this tour, we learned about the incredible qualities of coconuts, and the many products that we can make from them. No wonder the coconut tree is called the tree of life! After the tour, I feel like going to my Lola’s coconut plantation in Davao and apply the things that I learned!
thirty seven

After the tour is another exciting part: B-R-E-A-K-F-A-S-T!!! Again, breakfast was held in Alive Restaurant!

thirty eight

For Breakfast:

Coffee Barako with Nut Milk and Muscovado Sugar and Seasonal Fruit Platter


Healthy Cereals with Nut Granola, Mixed Fruits, Nut Milk, and Chia Seeds and The Farms Champorado

forty one

After being in the farm and being exposed to a healthier way of life, I had a renewed perspective in eating! Being healthy is cool! Your body will eventually thank you if you eat clean. However, with all the fastfood and instant food that surrounds us nowadays, eating clean and healthy requires effort – effort that will eventually pay off through a healthier you. I actually want to try their detox but I don’t have the budget for it at the moment.

Oooh, this post is quite long already so let me end this for now. To those who are planning to visit The Farm at San Benito, stay tuned for my next post about it. 🙂

The Farm at San Benito

119 Barangay Tipakan, 4217 Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines

Reservations: +632 884 8074

Fax: +632 889 1150

Mobile (6am – 10pm): +63 918 884 8078

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  2. marianrica says:

    “One even commented ‘You have a nice blog!’.”

    I agree. And your photos are great, too.

    I would also love to visit The Spa for a retreat soon. Looking forward to your next post!

    All the best!

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