Black berry Smoothie

My family still has a hang-over of our juicing experience with Juice Hut. Hence, I decided to make a blackberry smoothie as part of our Sunday lunch. It is very easy to do!


2 1/2 cups black berries

(I did not want to add ice since it might dilute the smoothie, so I just put the berries in the freezer for few hours)

1 cup Greek yoghurt

2 cups fresh milk

1 medium size apple (peeled)



Mix the  black berries, Greek yoghurt and fresh milk together. Once it liquefy, add the apple and pulse for 5 seconds. Then *insert drumroll* you already have your blackberry smoothie!!! Very easy!!! Pour it in your glass and enjoy your healthy drink!

unnamed (7)


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Juice Hut

I’ve been hearing a lot about juice cleansing and detox for the past months. My family drinks vegetable and fruit juices once in a while but we add water, milk and sweetener to make it taste good 🙂 When I received this whole kaboodle of juice package from Mia Sison of Juice Hut, I was really happy. However, when the idea that I need to personally drink it dawned on me, I had mixed emotions. Why??? Because, Juice Hut has a reputation of serving 100% PURE fruit and vegetable extract. NO WATER. NO SUGAR. NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORINGS. Whaaaaat???!!! I myself tried juicing fresh malunggay leaves and I don’t like the smell and the taste. Uuuurrrggh!

Mia also reminded me to consume the juices within three (3) days because the juices are all fresh and it only has a short refrigerator life. Oh I like that! (No time to procrastinate!) I haven’t tried juice detox before so I looked at each and every juice bottles and asked, “Ano kaya magiging lasa nitong mga gulay na juice na ito?!”  Let me say that the cute packaging really won me over and put me at ease. 🙂



My name in each of the bottles?! I love how personalize it is!

10261240_774331932577140_1423574222_n 10303377_868393283186137_4602355951980741501_n

Juice Hut was founded by Mia Sison. She is very hands-on from the preparation to the packing of each juices to make sure that her customers get the best quality of juices that they deserve.

Juice Hut stands in the belief that juicing is beneficial to everyone. – stay at home moms, career moms, students, office workers, health fanatics, athletes, retirees, and yes, even kids. Juices can be taken to detoxify our bodies or simply to add more nutrients to our daily meals. Being Filipinos, I admit we all love to eat out, celebrate with food and even have an occasional drink or two. Hence, we offer the concept of juice cleanse to reset our system to healthy eating and balance out our occasional binges. Anything  beneficial should also be accessible so we at Juice Hut make sure we are priced affordably. We do this by sourcing our ingredients and packaging materials well without sacrificing quality.

Juice Hut aims to promote sustainable and affordable healthy living, not just via juicing, but through a truly healthy lifestyle.


Since this is my first time to do a detox, I decided to try 1-day reboot program. I shared the juices to my parents so three (3) of us underwent a reboot at the same time.

Now you might ask, what is a reboot and why is there a need to reboot?

A reboot is the perfect way to power up your system with fresh, clean plant-based energy. When you juice, your system is flooded with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients – plant compounds that help your body stay strong, look beautiful and fight disease.

A reboot will help you:

  • Reset your system to crave healthy food
  • Jumpstart weight loss
  • Boost your immune system
  • Promote beautiful, clear skin
  • Promote detoxification
  • Ease digestion

I don’t have an idea how to do juicing. Thankfully, Mia is so nice as she patiently answer each of my questions. (Thank you Mia!) She even gave me a guide on how to do my reboot. Now, let me share with you the guide in drinking Juice Hut for reboot.

unnamed (2)

Since it is 100% pure fruits and vegetable juice, I was expecting that the taste is intolerable… or worse, unbearable. I was already preparing for the worst. I closed my eyes, hold my breath as I had my first gulp of juice… and……. to my surprise, the juice is sweet! Hmmm… Did I taste it right??? I made my second gulp… it is actually sweet and tasty! Wow! I realized that juicing can be tasty and not a nightmare! Before I knew it, I already finished the entire bottle of juice!

I thought that I’ll be hungry since instead of eating, I need to drink juices and water for the entire day. It is surprising that the juices are filling! After juicing, I feel healthier, happier, and more energized!


Considering its freshness and quality, Juice Hut offers one of the most affordable fresh juices in the market. It also has a lot of flavors to choose from. They even have almond milk. Oh, I’m looking forward to taste it! 🙂


Now, I know that you’ve been waiting for the price list and details so here it is!


You may also want to check their Instagram (@juicehut_manila) and Facebook accounts. 🙂 You can text/viber Mia at 0917 572 5855 to inquire and place your orders. You can choose to meet up at Cash and Carry (Makati) or have your juices be delivered.

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New Look

I had the same blog design since time in memorial! Before you react with a “boooooo!” Let me manifest that I am not a techie type of person. As a matter of fact, it was just few months ago when I learned how to use dropbox and it was also this year when I learned the use of hashtags! (Ok, you may now laugh!)

Thankfully, my brother’s techie genes compensated what I lack. Last Sunday, he helped me to re-design my blog. (Finally!) I hope you like this new design! (tan-ta-na-nan!!!)

This blog has been a part of my life for the past three (3) years! It started as a simple e-storage of my poems (which explains the makabagdamdaming title ‘sentiments from the heart’) Then eventually, I started blogging about anything and everything under the sun.

I remember how kilig I was when I saw that I have 5 blog subscribers! Akalain mo yun?! May nagbabasa pala ng blog ko! Eventually, I was asked to blog about a restaurant. Of course I was so giddy but my initial reaction was “Are you sure you want your restaurant to be featured in my humble, simple, and low-profile blog?” When the owner responded with a resounding yes, haaaay… I’m in cloud nine! Oh yeah!!! Oh yeah!!! Hahaha! #nenebloggermoment

Today, I still feel giddy whenever brands would ask me to review their products. However, along with the giddiness comes the responsibility to blog with all honesty. I remember there was a time when I respectfully turned down a certain product because I could not endorse it to my dear readers with all honesty. I personally feel that I owe it to the people who takes time to read my posts. At the same time, I’d rather not blog about a product than to say something bad about it.

I value the readers of this blog. I appreciate those who take time to comment and even go the extra mile of sending me an email. I appreciate emails and messages from readers. I would like to hear from you on possible topics that you want me to blog about. Just drop me a line at

Lastly, I hope that you like the new look of our abode. 🙂 May you continue to join me as I share sentiments (and even kakulitan) from the heart! 🙂

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Chauffeur for a Cause

I woke up at 4:30 a.m. on a Friday. Since I don’t need to go to the office today, I spent extra time reading the news online. From one newspaper to another and one article to another which eventually lead me to an inspiring article about the Wheels of Fortune from the Philippine Star.

Before I share with you the article, let me first introduce you to the author of the article that inspires me this morning.

photo taken from google images

photo taken from google images

The man in the photo above is James Deakin. He is a journalist and who eventually became a chauffeur for a very rewarding cause. Read the story that he himself wrote in the Philippine Star and be inspired:

“Meet the all-new Maserati Quattroporte––one of the most beautiful four-door saloons ever made. It comes with a 3.7-liter V8 Ferrari engine, an 8-speed gearbox, all-wheel drive, and a chauffeur named James. Seriously.

Here’s the deal. And stick with me here because it is one amazing story. When I found out that I would be testing this car, I made all sorts of selfish plans––fun runs, a blast up to Tagaytay with my son, maybe even sneak it on the track in between the Vios cup practice sessions. Then I found out about my friend’s 2-month old daughter who needs some very expensive open heart surgery.

Suddenly, the thought of tearing up the streets in this Italian supermodel seemed, well, inappropriate. So I called my friend Marc Soong, who lent me the car for a review, and pitched him something different. I asked him if I could auction off his car for a good cause. The idea would be to auction my services as a personal chauffeur and drive someone anywhere a full tank can get them, so long as the money goes straight to Alessandra’s Angels––which is a working title for our small group that are raising money for the operation.

Being a man with a heart bigger than his wallet, Marc didn’t flinch. This is the same guy that had me auction off a pair of Fernando Alonso’s racing gloves and a scale model Ferrari GTO donated by Luca de Montezemolo that raised over 600,000 pesos last year to fund our job fair that found 721 Yolanda survivors a job before Christmas. All he asked was that I personally knew the people I would be driving around (or have friends that could vouch for them) and not post the offer on, cashcashpinoy or

That said, I posted it up on my Facebook page last Wednesday, April 30, with an ambitious goal of getting 20,000 pesos from someone. I bought a clip-on black neck tie, had my suit dry cleaned and even had a friend call up the Sofitel to borrow a chauffeur’s cap, which was given to me by Darwin Labayandoy.

My first customer was Rhian Ramos. She asked me to drive her to the One Fighting Championship in the MOA Arena on Friday night, but only on the condition that I be her date. No, it’s not what you’re thinking. The idea was to pull up together to the red carpet where the TV crews and reporters were waiting, which would naturally force the question: So, who’s the dude? That would be my segue to talk about what we were doing and help raise more awareness and eventually money for the operation.

Well. It. Worked.

Before I knew it, I had offers literally pouring in. Some guy offered me 5,000 pesos to be driven around the block just so he could say, “Home, James.” Ryan Agoncillio, being forever the car nut, bid an undisclosed, but very generous amount to be driven to dinner with his wife at Elbert’s Steak Room––which Elbert Cuenca absolutely refused to charge for when he found out what it was for. A foreign photographer from the Isle of Man offered me 10,000 pesos just to take a picture of the car, while Iza Calzado, who never seems to tire of supporting good causes, had me ferry her from ABS-CBN to her home.

Soon, the images of these absolutely stunning women being seen chauffeured around in an equally stunning car started getting splashed across social media sites and drawing even more attention to little Alessandra and her struggle to get her heart fixed––as well as melting other hearts in the process.

One evening, as I was picking up another couple to drive them to dinner at Elbert’s Steak Room and an overnighter at Sofitel that was donated by Wellington Soong, I pulled up to a car wash in Ortigas Home Depot to just get the Maserati looking its best. As I hopped out, the owner comes out and says, “Hey, that’s the car from Facebook! The one being auctioned off as a luxury taxi, right?” I said yes, and then told him that I was on my way to pick up some more people to raise money for Alessandra.

After the wash and vacuum was all done, not only did the owner refuse to charge me, but there was a check in the car for 5,000 pesos sitting in the cup holder. I noticed it immediately and said, what’s this? And he simply replied. “I’m a parent, too.”

So from dinner dates, lunch dates, to drives around the block, the Maserati had managed to raise P234,000 in just three days.

So from dinner dates, lunch dates, to drives around the block, the Maserati had managed to raise P234,000 in just three days.

I went to visit Alessandra and her parents to tell them about the incredible response and generosity. They were, as you can imagine, very emotional about it. Then the grandfather came down. He was very thankful and humbled by all the support. And then he asked me where I got such a car. I told him that the distributor lent it to me. And not only that, but paid for a suite in the Sofitel that I could package together with the dinner and the car to get more money.

He said, “Wellington Soong lent you this?” I said “Yes.” He began to choke back the tears when he said, “Does he know who this is for?” I said “No, he just knows it is for a little girl with a broken heart.”

He looked down and said. “You tell him that this is my granddaughter that he has helped.”

So I called Mr. Soong up and asked him if he knew who exactly he was helping. To which he replied, “Marc tells me it is a little girl who needs an operation.” So I told him who the little girl was and who her grandfather was. There was silence. Dead silence. Followed by what I could only describe as the sound of a deep sigh that was being muffled by tears.

I wasn’t really sure what to say as I was just as much in the dark as you probably are right now when Mr. Soong eventually explained that how as a child growing up in Mandaluyong, his family had very little money and no car. So for years the Ugarte family would pick him up every single day and drive him to school and back. And now, some 50 years later, as the wheels of fortune have now turned, he raised a small fortune by lending out his wheels when his friend needed the biggest lift of all.”

photo taken from google images

photo taken from google images

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Back Track with a Poem

Back when I was still teaching, I used to spend my rest time writing poems! Yeah, you read it right… I love writing poems! As a matter of fact, I started this blog through poems. If you try to start reading this blog from the beginning, you will see a roster of poems.

One of these days, I’ll go back to poem writing, but for today, let me share with you one of the poems that I wrote few years back. It is entitled “Coffee Splashing”

There was once a young lady

Who wanted to be somebody professionally

She wanted to turn her dreams into reality

To feel life’s real ecstasy.


With hardwork she achieved her vision

She became successful as what she envisioned

Her life is in real adventurous motion

To be exceedingly happy is her intention


One afternoon she decided to stay in a coffee shop

To have a break from work, in reading she hopped

Instead of just taking a refreshing afternoon nap

She stayed there as her feet gently tap.


The time when she was engrossed on what she is reading

She felt a splash of iced coffee from her top almost near the ceiling

She screeched loudly with the poise that she is keeping

In this kind of situation she is not really akin.


She then heard a very loud bass voice

“I’m so sorry” it seemed to be a noise

“I accidentally stepped on little boy’s toys”

She frets and said “As if I have any choice.”


As she looked to her left with a great facial rage

She saw a man that is almost her age

The guy is wearing a sweater that is actually beige

His face showed great concern that is what she can gauge.


He plead “May I offer to buy you clothes?”

She answered “no thank you I need to be on the road”

I have a commitment this evening and I need to start to load

Better start moving than kicking against the goads.”


She left the coffee shop in great distress

Her corporate attire is in a real mess

She switched on her car engine as she started to feel the stress

She needs to change into her dazzling evening dress.


The next day she went to work ready to do an extra mile

But she saw her table in a different country style

A bouquet of wild flowers welcomed her with a smile

With a note “I’m really sorry for the coffee vile”.


For the next day and the day after that morning

Wild flowers came with the same message that is fluttering

Until two weeks passed by with the same routine coming

She doesn’t know the name of the guy who is consistently sending.


Months passed and she worked harder day and night

There are times when she would work until the morning light

She got promoted with the caliber she have in sight

She will be acknowledged by her boss during the gala night.


The gala night came and she looked stunningly beautiful

This marks the commencement of more years to be fruitful

Her boss announced to the crowd the news that is wonderful

Her promotion in the company to the position that she is grateful.


She became the center of attention that eventful night

Butterflies in her stomach flew in a different height

She went to the side to drink under a brighter light

To shy away from too much attention that she has in sight.


As she took a sip, she heard a voice that is familiar

“You look dazzling tonight quite different from the usual”

She turned to the direction of the voice and pretends to be casual

There the ‘coffee guy’ stood with a smile that is surreal dual.


He looked sharp in his stunning coat and catchy tie

“Mind if I join you as you rest before all these party lights die?”

“Please sit down” she answered as she bite her rye

“What brought you here?” she then asked without a vile.


She then found out that the guy is the son of her boss,

The heir of the company! She almost got lost.

He once again apologized for the coffee that got across

He hoped that she’s not mad for that single embarrassing cause.


They spent the remaining time talking and laughing

There is an instant ‘click’ both of their hearts are humming

He then invited her to the same coffee shop worth returning

To start with a clean slate rather than a coffee that is splashing.


Now years had passed since that eventful day that is calming

They still talk about each detail while they are both laughing

Now they started their own family with God’s blessing

Everything started one afternoon with a coffee that is splashing.

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Few weeks ago, I received a dainty gift that made me giddy! The gift came in a nicely-wrapped boxed with a dedication from none other than the owner of Istorya Creations herself – the very creative, Joanna Gutierrez.


The personal touch from the wrapper, to the box, to the jewelry itself is evident! Inside the box is a beautiful necklace that tells something about my personality!

unnamed (17)

The tree for my love for nature.

The hand-stamped silver plates the virtues that I try to build in my character – faith, hope, and love.

The ribbon for my desire for girly stuff.

The intricate leaf for my inclination to details.

The G-Clef for my love for music.

and the key to represent the mystery in me that people close to me was able to unlock… naks! (may ganun talaga?!)

edited 2

Now, let us talk about this wonderful brand – ISTORYA!


ISTORYA is a brand of personalized fashion jewelry that expresses the personality of the person wearing it. It is not just another piece of fashion jewelry. Rather, it is a dainty piece of art that has a story to tell.

Each piece of this jewelry is handcrafted from start to finish. The metals are cut, wrought, hammered, sanded and filed by hand thus giving each piece a raw and organic feel. Each jewelry is stamped by hand. Oh just imagine the love that goes with each piece!

…and let me tell you that with the quality of materials used, each piece of jewelry is reasonably priced.

Let me show you what I’m talking about.

Ladies and gentlemen…. (*insert drum roll*)

presenting (*insert louder drum roll*)

The beautiful jewelry line of ISTORYA! Yeheeey!


second locketfirst locket


Ohhh… these pieces melt my heart… #ilovedadandmom

fifth first fourth second


first braceletsecond bracelet

 Keychains and bag tags

first keychain second bagtags

Did I just hear “Oooooohs…”Ahhhhhhs…” and “WOWs”???

I can’t blame you… I love each of their products. 🙂

Istorya also accept orders for giveaways, party favors. Ohhhh… recipients of these gifts will definitely giggle!!! Don’t worry if you are working on a budget, just inform them and I’m sure that are willing to work around your budget! Isn’t that wonderful?


Mobile number: (63) 917-5432341




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Flowers Everywhere

I like flowers since I was a little girl. I even have some pictures of my 3-year old self holding flowers from Church services. 😄 I also remember going to our backyard during my childhood years and sitting on the grass, being amazed by the different flowers I can see around. Yes! Even the violet kangkong flowers or the little white grass flowers never fail to amaze me! I remember feeling like a Disney princess back then as I was being surrounded with flowers – with kangkong and grass flowers! Hahaha! I know that might sound funny but that actually happened!

I carried that amazement with flowers until now. However, now that I am old enough, flowers remind me to slow down and appreciate the beauty of God’s creation. I think God purposefully placed flowers everywhere to remind us that whatever burden we are carrying, He is still there to guide us. By just looking at the flowers, you could be baffled how wonderful God is as He designed each intricate details for each of the variety flowers that ever existed! Wow! How Great Thou Art!

I am in Baguio with my family right now. I am happy that we are housed in a cottage surrounded with beautiful flowers. I took photos of these beauties to share it with you. Be prepared because this post is heavy with photos! Enjoy!!!





<img src="" alt="IMG_3753.JPG" class="alignnone size-full"



















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